Running Fountain

Simple introduction of running fountain

The characteristic of the running fountain is that the overall water spray is dynamic, the momentum is magnificent, the water changes endlessly´╝îIt is also a major landscape that reflects the high taste of the fountain.

Running Fountain
Running Fountain
Running Fountain
Running Fountain
Running Fountain
Running Fountain
Running Fountain
Running Fountain

Feature of Running fountian

1. cheap price

Our company is an integrated enterprise with the ability to design, produce and install.We have international advanced.So we have advantages in price.

2. A various of water shape

Running fountain can be divided into a static water shape and a dynamic water shape. Among them, the dynamic water shape includes: moving left and right, the middle to the sides, the sides to the middle, dynamic waves, jumping, block moving, random, etc. The movement speed of each type of water can range from tens of milliseconds to several hundred milliseconds, and the number of nozzles can be arbitrarily selected. In addition, dynamic water shapes are generated: triangular, zigzag, wall shape, and Gaussian shape. The class is divided into many different combinations, so there are hundreds of water-shaped changes in running fountain.

Industry-specific attributes

After-sale Service: Online technical support, Onsite Installation, Onsite Training, Onsite Inspection, Free spare parts, Return and Replacement, Other

Project Solution Capability: Graphic design, 3D model design, total solution for projects, Cross Categories Consolidation, Others

Application: Hotel

Design Style: Modern

Warranty: 1 Year

Material: 304 stainless steel

Light: RGB/DMX512

Voltage: 110v 220v 380v/ 50-60hz

Shape: Circle

Control way: Music/ PLC/DMX512

Our Service

A. Pre-sale service

Listenning clients requirements

Giving suggestion and good guidance to build a fountain

Free technical support (Design sketch, Drawing, Animation video we have)

Accounting Competitive price

Listing detailed accessories and show detail description

B. In the sale service

Pro-active offering production process pictures

Effective communication

Update news timely

Check on a cheap courier on clients request

Provding user or installation manual

Enough spare parts

Arrange shipping on clients request

Preparing Customs cleanrance documents and send by DHL on clients request

C. After sale service

Provide technical help by phone

Be available at phone and email, we will give the solution in 24 hours.

Quality investigation

Installation procedure of Running Fountain

1. Connect fountain frame with bolts

2. Connect fountain pump with connection

3. Find the cables from the fountain frame,and connect to the music controller

4. Adjust all nozzles to be vertical,turn on the fountain by the music controller

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