Introduction to the working principle of the musical fountain

Among them, the music fountain system has become an important part of urban landscape construction with the unique effect of sound, light, water and color. At present, many squares or parks in large, medium and small cities are beautifully designed with musical fountains. Various fountains, colored lights and beautiful music form a pleasant night scene that attracts people, making the musical fountain system increasingly popular.

The general music fountain system is mainly composed of audio control system, fountain control system and lighting control system.

As the core brain of the whole system, the control system is usually composed of fountain controllers, frequency converters, water pumps, multi-function valves, universal nozzles and water supply pipe networks. Among them, the fountain pumps have adopted frequency conversion speed regulation technology to realize stepless adjustment of water pumps. The pump speed can be adjusted at any time according to the strength of the audio signal. The multi-function valve and the universal nozzle are controlled by the special fountain controller, which can realize various patterns and shapes according to the set program.

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