what are the modes of the music fountain

With the rapid development of the economy and the growth of all aspects of life, the music fountain is a fountain created for entertainment. It can also play music in the form of corresponding water configuration according to the music.

In the process of digital signal processing in the form of water and music harmony, the digital signal output by the corresponding analyzer, according to the music configuration, the operator of the music melody played in the form of water correspondingly, the configuration can be stored in the configuration software program, and at the same time can be Modify the parameters as needed. The following patterns can be defined according to user needs:

Automatic mode: Play music during the change of the melody, configure the real-time nature of the software, strictly follow the configuration of the water form to send data to the PLC, and dynamically change the shape of the water to match the music played by the PLC output command.

Random mode: In this mode, as M plays music during the change of the melody, the configuration software will randomly select and send the real-time water form, and dynamically change the water form through the PLC output command to play the PLC group with the music. state data.

Manual mode: As the music changes during playback, the configuration software sends it to the operator in real time to determine the commands sent by the water form to the PLC, and dynamically outputs commands through the PLC to play the changing shape of the water with music.

Random mode without music: In this mode, the configuration software will select the shape of the water in real time and send the data to the PLC, and the output of the PLC will change dynamically.

Manual mode without music: The configuration software sends data to the PLC in real time, the operator makes real-time judgments, and the PLC output instructions are used to dynamically change the shape of the water.

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