How to choose the nozzle of the music fountain

As the key to a music fountain project, fountain design is an important link in the entire fountain project. The fountain designer of the waterscape company in charge of the project, while conceiving and designing the design scheme, considered that the shape of the fountain is determined by the fountain nozzle. Therefore, how to choose nozzles in the design of waterscape fountains, and use suitable fountain nozzles to express the artistic conception of the design scheme and achieve the effect of waterscape landscapes are the methods that fountain designers need to consider in detail.

In the fountain design process, the key is to confirm the required fountain nozzles according to the artistic conception expressed by the fountain, and to consider the use conditions of different nozzles. At present, there is a big difference in the quality of nozzles in the mainland, although the appearance of similar nozzles abroad is similar. Factors such as the structure, material, performance, process, weight of the nozzle and surface coating of the fountain nozzle determine the smoothness and stability of the jet flow of the nozzle, and affect the realization of the art of the waterscape fountain.

The fountain nozzle can be preferably made of brass or stainless steel. This kind of nozzle is generally silvery or golden in color, because this material has excellent corrosion resistance, and its service life is twice as long as that of ordinary nozzles. After confirming the main fountain water nozzle according to the design concept, it is still necessary to consider the water pressure, flow rate, spray height and spray diameter of different models of the same nozzle, as well as the model and installation size of the connecting pipe. These main factors are that more care and design should be taken when selecting nozzles, because design defects in future fountain construction can be avoided, resulting in project delays. This has an impact on the design and construction of waterscape companies, as well as stakeholders.

In the fountain design, some external factors should also be considered in the selection of fountain nozzles, such as wind force, water quality and other actual construction site environments of fountains. Most of the nozzles are transparent and colorless when they are sprayed. If it is an indoor fountain design project, with the characteristics of small wind, less dust, and quiet environment, you can choose hemispherical and morning glory and other nozzles with slender jets and steady sounds; but if it is an outdoor square fountain design project, the surrounding environment is just the opposite. Compared with the shape design, the firework nozzle, three-layer flower and rotating nozzle are more suitable.

Therefore, in the design of waterscape fountains, the choice of fountain nozzles requires not only the different creative ideas of the designers of the waterscape company, but also their rich experience in construction practice, so that they can comprehensively consider the factors of the nozzles. It is the fountain landscape as a building. Or a work of art reaching a high point.

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