Why does the music fountain dance with the music

15 Sep 2022

Music fountain show make water dance to the beat of the music and are currently one of the most demanded shows around the world. This type of water entertainment technologies are based on the DMX technology integrated into the Control Panel that rules the whole water show. These control panels are designed by Safe-Rain expressly for the needs of your dancing fountain, and contain a touchscreen PC, DMX software and electronics to make water dancing to the beat of the music.

A music fountain is a movable fountain created for entertainment that is aesthetically designed and often produces a 3-dimensional effect. In the process, the water flow is manipulated, scattering and refracting light, and a 3-dimensional picture is created. So, why does the musical fountain dance with the music?

Why does the music fountain dance with the music

1. Tone and its extraction method

Volume, pitch and timbre are three subjective quantities that reflect the characteristics of sound. They collectively reflect the human ear's perception of sound, and pitch reflects the human ear's subjective perception of the pitch of the sound. While pitch is also related to other factors such as sound pressure, it is mostly frequency dependent. Therefore, the higher the frequency, the higher the pitch, and the lower the frequency, the lower the pitch.

The frequency determines the pitch, so the detection of the pitch is mainly the detection of the fundamental frequency, that is, the study of the pitch period. The system adopts the traditional autocorrelation fundamental frequency detection algorithm, which is an algorithm based on time domain analysis theory.

Why does the music fountain dance with the music

2. Processing of volume signal

The volume reflects the amplitude of the sound signal, and the amplitude of the sound wave determines the level of the volume. The volume of different music signals is different, so when the volume is used as the signal to control the pump to work, there will be undulating water columns. However, if the volume signal is not processed, when the amplitude of the sound wave is relatively large, the water column will change significantly; on the contrary, when the amplitude of the sound wave is small, the change of the water column will not be obvious.

Why does the music fountain dance with the music

Therefore, music fountain changes with the music, adding a beautiful visual and auditory feast to the people in the city at night.


Originally published 15 Sep 2022, updated 15 Sep 2022.

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