Where to put a fountains for feng shui

21 Jan 2021

Where to put a fountains for feng shui

Fountains can be helpful in career area of the feng shui bagua map, because this area is related to the water element. Wisdom and knowledge, as well as networking and social connections are both water qualities and vital for career success. Placing an item related to the water element, like a fountain, can boost these qualities in your career.

Additionally, you may want to place a fountain in one of the feng shui areas associated with the wood element, since water feeds wood. We can see this in nature; plants and trees need water to grow and thrive. Xun (wealth and abundance) area of the bagua, as well as the Zhen (family and new beginnings) area, are both related to the wood element. If you’d like to support one of these areas of your life, it can be helpful to place a water fountain in the corresponding area.

Where to put a fountains for feng shui

Near the entrance of a home is also a great place for a fountain if you want to encourage wealth and cash flow. The front entrance is also called the mouth of qi, because it is where energy and opportunities enter our homes and our lives. Ideally, the water should flow up and then down. If the water flows in one direction, it should be flowing towards the inside of the home, to encourage money to flow in rather than out.

Different Types of Fountains

There are a few different things to consider when it comes to which fountain to choose. You may want to take into account the material it’s made of and how that relates to the five elements. A metal fountain, such as one made of stainless steel or copper, is a great choice if you’d like to bring more metal element qualities into your space, like precision, organization, and joy. If you’d like more stability or grounding, you may want to invite more earth energy into your home; if this is the case look for a fountain made of stone or ceramic.

Where to put a fountains for feng shui

Fountains also come in many shapes and sizes. There are fountains that sit on the floor, which can be quite tall. You can also get a fountain that hangs on the wall. If you do get one of these, make sure you have it installed professionally since they can be quite heavy. The easiest kind of fountain to incorporate into a home is a tabletop fountain, which you can place on a table, shelf, or other horizontal surface.

Where to put a fountains for feng shui

The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose a fountain that you love. Look for something that goes with your style and decor preferences, so it will be a source of joy when you see it in your home.


Originally published 21 Jan 2021, updated 21 Jan 2021.

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