What materials are needed in the construction of music fountain

Fountain pool is an essential part of the construction of Music fountain. The pool building materials mainly include the following types: Pool structural materials, the fountain pool structure is the same as the artificial water feature pool, and can also be composed of foundation, waterproof layer, top pressure, pool bottom, etc. Its main building materials are as follows:

A. Foundation material, the foundation is the load-bearing part of the pool, which is composed of C10 concrete layer and lime soil.

B. Waterproof layer material. There are many types of pool waterproofing materials. According to the material, there are mainly asphalt, rubber, plastic, metal, mortar, concrete and organic load materials. The reinforced concrete pool can also be applied with five layers of waterproof mortar. For temporary pools, plastic cloth, blown paper, and polystyrene board can be used in combination, all of which have good waterproof effects.

C. Topping material. Topping materials are usually block stone and concrete.

D. Pool bottom material. Cast-in-place reinforced concrete pool bottom is mostly used, and the thickness should be greater than 20cm. If the pool is solvent-filled, double-layer steel mesh should be used, and geomembrane can also be used as the anti-seepage material for the pool bottom.

E. Pool wall material. There are generally three types of pool walls: block stone pool walls, brick pool walls and reinforced concrete pool walls. The thickness of the pool wall is determined by the size of the pool. The brick pool wall is built with standard bricks and M7.5 cement mortar, and the wall thickness is not less than 240mm. The reinforced concrete pool wall should be accompanied by 8mm in diameter, 12mm steel bars, and C20 concrete.

F. pipe network material. The sea in the fountain must be equipped with pipe networks such as water supply pipes, supply pipes, overflow pipes and drain pipes.

We can use these materials to build music fountain to add color to the night scene. But no matter what kind of music fountain, the core is to let the audience have a better experience. A good music fountain does not lie in the size of the project or the number of equipment, but in the design and suitable place.

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