What is jumping jet fountain

What is jumping jet fountain

The water column formed by the jumping spring jets along a set trajectory, and a series of jumping arches of different sizes are thrown into the air, and then they fall accurately and accurately positioning, hanging an elegant arc in the air. The water flow can exist in a long streamline shape, coherent from end to end, like a glass water column. The waterscape formed at this time is usually called a wave spring; it can also be cut into segments of water with vitality through the control of an electronic shutter. There is a certain interval in the middle, which can be continuous, intermittent, and chained into arcs. We call it the wave of light jumping spring. The length of the water section of the wave jumping spring and the speed of the water can be adjusted according to the actual design ideas required, and under the control of the controller, it can jump arbitrarily and continuously.

This group of fountains are mainly used in various large water playgrounds and hotels or shopping malls, building lobbies, gardens, etc., to enhance the quality and beauty of the overall space, and create a noble, elegant and fashionable cultural atmosphere. At the same time, it also moisturizes the air and protects the environment.

Bright jumping spring is a high-tech waterscape art. The water is sprayed through a special-effect nozzle. The water is shaped like roots of crystal clear icicles, which naturally form strips and strings when jumping from one water pool to another. Strands and flies into the air, dancing lightly, not gradual and not scattered, the vitality of the water section, the length of the water section and the speed of the water can be changed arbitrarily, and it can jump at will under the control of the controller. If it is a pair of bright jumping springs, long double jump, middle double jump, short double jump, wrong right jump, etc. can be realized, which is dizzying. The water feature is cheerful, lively and full of fun. It is mainly used in hotels or shopping centers, flower gardens and various water parks.

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