What equipment is needed to make a music fountain

04 Nov 2022

Making a complete music fountain mainly includes these equipment: fountain nozzles, LED underwater lights, special fountain pumps, valves, floating platforms (for fountains on the lake), pipes, cables, control systems, sound systems and other equipment, with lasers. The water curtain movie music fountain also includes water curtain nozzles, water curtain projectors, lasers and other main material equipment, as well as other accessories.

What equipment is needed to make a music fountain

An important part of music fountain equipment - there are many types of nozzles, common nozzles are DC nozzles, Yuzhu nozzles, cedar nozzles, spring nozzles, European ice nozzles, mushroom nozzles, cluster nozzles, fireworks nozzles, wave light nozzles, jumping nozzles There are more than ten types of spring sprinklers, rotating flower basket sprinklers, variable sprinklers, two-dimensional sprinklers, three-dimensional sprinklers, gas explosion sprinklers, fire sprinkler devices, and water curtain film sprinklers.

The price of the main equipment of the fountain can be roughly divided into three aspects: material, parameter specifications and types.

What equipment is needed to make a music fountain

1. There are two different materials for pipes, one is industrial stainless steel (service life is 15-20 years), and the other is galvanized pipe (service life is 8-10 years). Stainless steel is about 3 times more expensive; water pumps also have Two different materials, one is stainless steel water pump, the other is cast iron water pump, the price of stainless steel material is about 3 times the price of cast iron water pump.

2. Fountain Specifications

From the main aspect of specifications and parameters, the larger the diameter, the higher the spray height, the more expensive the music fountain, and the more water types.

What equipment is needed to make a music fountain

3. Types of fountains

In terms of types, simpler musical fountains, such as those designed with common nozzles such as DC nozzles, jade pillar nozzles, and cedar nozzles, are relatively cheap, starting at about 100,000 yuan. If more complex and advanced fountain equipment is used For example, the price of sprinkler equipment, water curtain film sprinkler, three-dimensional sprinkler, gas explosion and other sprinkler equipment ranges from tens to hundreds of millions of yuan.


Originally published 04 Nov 2022, updated 04 Nov 2022.

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