What are the factors of music fountain design

The various swings in the music fountain can make people feel the soft beauty of the fountain. Radial swing is produced because of the swing mechanism under the water surface, which makes the waterscape beautiful and moving, pleasing to the eye and giving people a magical feeling, which is the performance of the high-tech development of the times. The design of music fountain can be mainly divided into two categories of technology:

One, it did not rely on a fountain experimental equipment for landscaping at all. Music fountain is a kind of movable fountain created for entertainment. A system that can control music is added to the fountain. The computer recognizes the audio signal and finally controls the system to make the perfect combination of light, color and music, and produce a three-dimensional picture according to the aesthetic design. The multiple scenic spots of the fountain company can use the waterscape connection to form an organic scenic spot, thus playing the role of inducing tourists to visit. Waterscapes can also be used to separate a scenic spot to form multiple independent but interconnected and echoing scenic spots, which can improve viewing value and interest. Fountain equipment improves the climate of the community: waterscape projects can purify the air similar to the sea, forests, grasslands, rivers and lakes, making the air in the scenic spot cleaner, fresher and moister, so that tourists can feel comfortable, refreshed, and eliminate irritability. Fountains of various cultures such as landscape fountains, program internal control fountains, dry land fountains, atomized fountains, etc. This type of waterscape has been extensively researched and applied in the construction industry in recent years, but its development is growing rapidly in China.

Second, it is built by using the natural terrain or civil engineering management structure to imitate the natural water landscape. Such as streams, waterfalls, artificial lakes, fish ponds, springs, falling water, etc., these are widely used by students in traditional gardens in our country. Various environmental waterscape projects are generally composed of the following important aspects: civil engineering pool body, pipeline valve operating system, power pump working system, lighting intelligent lighting analysis system, etc.

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