Wave fountain is one of the interesting existence of landscape

Wave fountain is one of the interesting existence of landscape

Fountains are probably the most enthusiastic way to create waterscape. Whether it is an ornamental water fountain or a fountain with interesting interaction with people, it will be a very eye-catching existence in the landscape.

The water flow of a sparkling fountain can exist in a long streamline shape with continuous ends, such as the same crystal column, or it can be cut into sections of jumping water with a certain interval between them, which can be continuous, intermittent and linked into radians, and the water column is single and high, small and bright. Built-in low-voltage intensity light source, the water body is bright, and the light follows the water wave, like optical fiber, and is colorful.

When the water column jumps from one pool to another, it can be formed by a single one, and the number can be increased according to the actual needs of the environment. The combination of multiple water columns is designed, which can better interpret the wonderful and harmonious aerial animation, and the scenery is interrelated and continuous.Wave fountain and lighting elements make waterscape have three-dimensional effect, which can attract your attention at night. The water line passes through the pool and comes out with a single and high spray and a small and flowing spring, which further enhances the fluctuation effect.

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