Water Quality for Stainless Steel Musical Fountain

26 Oct 2018

For the proper functioning of Stainless Steel Musical Fountain and for their component parts to provide a good performance along the years, it is important to use the right water in order to prevent failures and a rapid wear of the parts that make up the Fountain. As a general rule the water must have the same cleanness, clearness and acidity characteristics and the same calcium proportion as safe drinking water. Now we will describe those characteristics in a shortened way. More information will be provided later.

Water Quality for Stainless Steel Musical Fountain

The pH must be between 7.2 and 7.6

The impurity content of any kind must not be over 50 g per m3 of water.

The water hardness must not be over 180 mg of Ca Co3 per 1 liter of water.

The chlorine amount must be under 125 mg per 1 liter of water.

The water temperature must be between 41F and +95F

Water pH

This detail, which is usually not known and is barely mentioned, is often the reason for many of the architectural Fountains’ component parts electro pumps, nozzles, submersible lights, pipes, etc. to get intensely corroded and eventually stop functioning in a time frame shorter than a year. This is because most of these parts are made of Bronze, Brass, 304 stainless steel, etc., metals which do not tolerate high acidity. Water is considered neutral when its pH is of 7. If the pH is over 7 it is considered alkaline water.

Water Quality for Stainless Steel Musical Fountain

Impurities in water

If the water shows a high impurity content (+ than 50 gr/m3), this fact will cause deposits and blockages at the jet-outlet nozzles (especially in those with small diameter) and the pump impeller, where they are constantly deposited. So their performance will suffer and the output current will be reduced. So it is advisable that the water of the Architectural Fountains gets filtered, just like the water of a pool. For its maintenance it is good to add a flint-sand Filter or a similar device that can filter all the water in less than 4 hours, on a daily basis. As these Musical Fountains total water volume is small (they are not very deep), the water Purifier can be a small low-price unit which will yet make it possible to have clean, clear and impurity-free water. It is advisable to leave an electrical outlet in the Fountain’s bottom in order to connect a cleaning device that will absorb the bottom dirt.

Water Quality for Stainless Steel Musical Fountain

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Originally published 26 Oct 2018, updated 26 Oct 2018.

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