Water Fountain

07 Dec 2018

Also known as the pearl fountain, the water curtain fountain refers to the water flowing along a special line (polyester line), forming a silent flowing water curtain.

Water Fountain

Introduction to the water fountain

Water flows along a special line, because the hole is small, thin and flow like water curtain, constitutes the flicker of silent water curtain, and water will not spray to four weeks, and make the air become wet, can be in indoor ornamental, space between and cooperate with the role of interior design, water through manual control of the water flow to achieve artistic effect, meet the water requirement of people.

Water Fountain

Water music fountains generally includes a bottom water reservoir, sets of waterscape fountain equipment (including pump, flush gutters, water filling machine, power supply device, transmission line spring plate and underwater lamp act the role of) and a is at the top with water tank (include: with the same number of adjustable outlet pipes, polyester line water is transparent, almost no elastic line, there are provisions in diameter and high tensile strength.

Water Fountain

Scope of application

This water state was also used in ancient times for cooling pavilions. Water flowed from the top of pavilions to the surrounding areas like curtains. It is called "natural pavilion".Wooden shade form is used at stair, low wall, resemble "water organ" like, if be used at geometrical form cistern, metope or circular sculpture thing, often show a kind of halcyon, leisurely and comfortable, refined environment.It is suitable for gardens, halls, terraces, bars, tea restaurants and so on.

Water Fountain

Momentum of development

In recent years, there has been a kind of water curtain film in the garden tourist spots. It is a water curtain that USES high-pressure water spraying equipment to make the water spray appear as a fine bead of water. It is especially suitable for the film screening on the screen.

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Originally published 07 Dec 2018, updated 07 Dec 2018.

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