Water Curtain Musical Fountain

12 Apr 2019


The water curtain fountain, also known as the pearl musical fountain, means that the water body flows along a special line (polyester line), which constitutes a silent flowing water curtain. The water body flows along a special line. Because the water hole is small and thin, the curtain that looks like water when flowing down constitutes a silent shimmering water curtain, and the water does not spray around, and the air becomes humid, which can be used indoors. To the role of viewing, space, and interior design, the water curtain achieves an artistic effect by artificially controlling the water flow to meet the human's hydrophilic requirements.

The water curtain fountain generally includes a bottom reservoir, a complete set of water fountain equipment (including pump, overflow drain, water purifier, power supply unit, line spring conduction board and underwater lighting) and a water distribution tank at the top. (Including water distribution pipes with the same number of adjustable outlets, polyester curtains are transparent, almost inelastic, with specified diameters and high tensile strength.

Water Curtain Musical Fountain

Scope of application

This kind of water state was also used for the cooling of the pavilion in ancient times. The water flows down from the top of the pavilion to the surroundings, called the "natural pavilion". Today, this kind of water curtain pavilion is common in gardens. The form of wooden curtains used for steps and low walls is like a "water organ". For geometric pools, walls or circular sculptures, it often shows a quiet, relaxed and elegant environment. It is suitable for gardens, halls, terraces, bars, tea restaurants and more.

Water Curtain Musical Fountain

Development momentum

In recent years, there has been a water curtain movie in the garden tourism spot. It uses a high-pressure water spray device to make the water spray a fine water-like water curtain. The film is projected on the screen, especially suitable for large contrast. And the image of the transparent body, which makes the garden water more water state for the image art.

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Originally published 12 Apr 2019, updated 12 Apr 2019.

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