The types of fountains

06 May 2021

The Mechanics of Wall Fountains

Ordinary fountains are divided into musical fountains, program-controlled fountains, dry-land fountains, running fountains, bright fountains, interesting fountains, laser water curtain movies, super high fountains, etc.

The types of fountains

The music fountain is controlled by a computer and integrates sound, light and color. The nozzle lights are accompanied by elegant music, dream-like ups and downs, and cross-bright, forming a colorful, beautiful and moving scene. Feel relaxed and happy, marvelous, nostalgic for going back and forth.

The dry land fountain is further improved on the foundation of the water fountain. The surface of the dry land fountain is clean and tidy. The nozzles and lights are set at the lower end of the cover. When the water is not sprayed, the surface is flat and wide. When the water is sprayed, the water column passes through the cover or granite. It is not only leisure in the square, but also to watch the fountain, which can kill two birds with one stone.

The types of fountains

Program-controlled fountain is a fountain that changes the spray shape and light color intensity according to the pre-edited program. It can display the working status and light status of each fountain in real time, as well as the fault indication of the water pump and the light. The program can generally be modified at any time or stored A variety of programs can be called at will.

Water curtain movie is mainly composed of water curtain generator and projector (playing machine). The water curtain is more than 20 meters high and 30-50 meters wide. Various VCD discs or special water curtain movies can be played on the water curtain. The film and television effects are peculiar, novel and an excellent advertising tool, various squares and wide open spaces. Water curtain film can be installed on the water surface.

The types of fountains

The running fountain is an organic combination of digital control valves and computer control, and is an important part of the musical fountain. Multiple sprinklers arranged in a line control the spraying of water in order to form a fountain with various forms of spraying instantaneous changes. It can form a running form, and can also form various forms of beating, fluctuation, etc. The water column runs freely and flexibly, giving people a happy and smooth feeling, and bringing beautiful enjoyment.

A fountain where people can play and participate in it. It can also be called amusement fountain or water fountain, such as: playing in the water, maze fountain, circular jumping fountain, water hitting game, dancing fountain, etc. It has various forms and is highly entertaining and participatory. People bring the enjoyment of beauty with a happy and smooth feeling.


Originally published 06 May 2021, updated 06 May 2021.

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