The role and art of musical fountain

01 Aug 2020

In modern society, people live in the barriers of reinforced concrete. We are actually very fragile when we are separated from nature, especially the rapid development of modern society. This development trend is connected with the health of people’s lives. There are many human factors. Cause a lot of environmental pollution. For example, haze weather is called the "invisible killer" of physical and mental health. Zhong Nanshan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, told reporters that the key to environmental pollution in the past was dust removal, but today's haze is actually carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. If the haze is mixed with harmful substances, it will cause immediate damage to physical and mental health, including the destruction of the central nervous system, endocrine system, digestive system, and central nervous system. In addition to the diseases that can be seen, in terms of the mind, people who are detached from nature for a long time will form a lonely character. They do not love life, and slowly begin to be irritable, dream about detached from reality, and gradually become an otaku disease. People are thinking about changing such a situation.

The music fountain is a good work to change this situation which descriptionis originally this kind of natural scenery, and it is an outcrop of pressurized water.The fountain sculpture in the garden landscape is usually necessary for the landscaping of the blue dragon stone, and the sprinkler equipment with decorative art built by artificial services.

The sprayed droplets collide with the molecular structure of the gas, which can cause a lot of negative air ions. Therefore, the musical fountain is conducive to improving the appearance of big cities and improving the health of residents. The modeling design of the fountain sculpture is varied, with characters, small animals, green plants, and contemporary abstraction mainly expresses the modeling design.

There are many types of musical fountains, which can be roughly divided into the following categories.

1.Musical fountain integrated with sculptures Musical fountains and sculptures constitute a garden landscape.

The role and art of musical fountain

2.Automatically control music fountains Use electronic information technology to systematically control water, light, sound, color, etc. according to the design plan, resulting in a weird and unpredictable garden landscape.

3.General decorative arts music fountain is composed of various flower-shaped flower patterns to form a fixed music fountain.

4.Water sculpture works are divided into artificial processing design, mechanical equipment to create various large and medium-sized water column postures, resulting in garden landscape.

5.Automatically control music fountains Use electronic information technology to systematically control water, light, sound, color, etc. in accordance with the design plan, resulting in a weird and unpredictable garden landscape.

The role and art of musical fountain

There are many types of 6 types, including high music fountain, dry music fountain, stacked spring, music fountain, running spring, jumping spring, wave music fountain, funny sketch spring, moving spring, song running spring, etc., which can be different according to the sprayer Indoor water feature.

The fountain nozzle is a key component of the musical fountain plastic art design. Its function is to use the water with the necessary working pressure and the nozzle that has undergone the design to produce brilliant and colorful waves, spraying over the river. A variety of different nozzle composition and equipment can create different shapes of indoor waterscape garden landscapes, which are exciting and exciting, resulting in peculiar expression effects. Following the use of light, electricity, sound and automatic control equipment on musical fountains, the emergence of musical fountains, geyser fountains, laser musical fountains, etc., has enriched the content of musical fountains and enriched everyone’s vision. , Two-way experience in touch.

The ancients gave people too much precious spiritual wealth and spiritual power, people should inherit the essence and promote independent innovation, dare to take responsibility, dare to make selfless dedication, and diligently create a large number of fine plastic arts for the Chinese nation.

The role and art of musical fountain


Originally published 01 Aug 2020, updated 01 Aug 2020.

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