The development of music fountain

06 Jul 2020

The water pressure is generally a pump. After years of development, it has gradually developed into several categories: musical fountain and program-controlled fountains. ; Music + program-controlled fountains; laser water screen movies; fun fountains, etc., plus specific lights, control systems, to purify the air and beautify the environment, the fountain was originally a natural landscape, is the ground outcrop of pressured water. The fountain in the garden is generally a decorative water-spraying device built manually for the purpose of landscaping. The fountain can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust, and lower the temperature. The tiny water droplets of the fountain collide with air molecules to produce a large amount of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, the fountain is beneficial to improve the city's appearance and improve residents' physical and mental health.

1. Application and Type

Fountain is one of the most common garden water features, widely used in indoor and outdoor spaces, such as city squares, public buildings or as sketches of buildings and gardens. Not only is it an independent artwork, but it can increase the air humidity in the local space, reduce dust, and greatly increase the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air, which is also beneficial to improving the environment and improving people's physical and mental health.

There are many types of fountains, which can be roughly divided into: ordinary decorative fountains, fountains combined with sculptures, water sculptures, automatic control fountains, etc. Under normal circumstances, the location of the fountain is mostly set at the focal point or end point of the axis of the building or square. You can also make some small scenes of the fountain according to the characteristics of the environment to freely decorate the indoor and outdoor spaces. The fountain should be placed in a sheltered environment to maintain the water type.

The forms of fountain pools are natural and whole. The location of the water spray can be in the center of the pool, or it can be offset to one side or freely arranged. The form and scale of the water spray and the proportion of the size of the water fountain should be determined according to the spatial scale of the fountain.

The development of music fountain

2. The location of the fountain in different environments

Open spaces, such as the front of the station and the entrance of the park, etc., the fountain pool is mostly in the form of a large pool with high water spray, and the lighting is not too gorgeous;

Narrow venues, such as street turns, etc., the fountain pool is mostly rectangular;

In the traditional garden, the fountain pool is mostly natural water spray, which can be made into falling water, springs, etc., mainly to express the natural water state;

The lively places, such as some small parts of the park, have free-form fountains and can be combined with various decorative pieces such as sculptures, and generally should not be changed too much.

3. The height and diameter of the water spray

According to the physiological characteristics of the visual field of the human eye, for landscapes such as fountains, sculptures, and flower beds, the vertical viewing angle is 30 degrees, and the horizontal viewing angle is within a range of 45 degrees. The suitable sight distance of the fountain is 3.3 times the height of the water spray. Of course, there is the effect of shortening the viewing distance, causing the effect of looking up. The radius of the pool and the height of the water head of the fountain should have a certain ratio. Generally, the radius of the pool is 1.5 times the height of the fountain. If the radius is too small, the water drops are easy to splash. In order to make the water spray lines obvious, dark scenes should be used as the background.

Also, the musical fountain has undergone many changes from the beginning to the present. With the rapid development of science and technology, the fountain design has also incorporated new technology, bringing people a fantasy fountain performance and giving people the enjoyment of sound and vision.

In addition to the functions of beautifying environmental protection and artistic effects, large-scale musical fountains such as musical fountains perform water shows, but also have commercial value functions. The water fountain not only brings people an amazing water show performance, but also gives the guests a sense of immersion. While the performance as a whole achieves a stunning stage art effect, it improves the perfect image of the city and further enhances the attractiveness of tourist attractions. At present, most shopping malls have also built musical fountains, which bring wonderful fountain performances to people every day, attracting many people to come to watch, and invisibly bring consumer crowds to the shopping malls and improve the business of the shopping malls.

The development of music fountain

In recent years, the real estate industry has also been hot, but many real estate companies have taken great pains to attract buyers, and they have made unique moves. There is a real estate company that uses a water fountain in the community to attract buyers. We know that the fountain is not only for people to appreciate, because its water is flowing, it can adsorb dust particles in the air, purify the air, and also increase the air humidity. Improve the living environment of residents in the community. Today, with the gradual decline in air quality, a healthy and green living environment is what we all aspire to, and the real estate company undoubtedly played this card to undoubtedly capture the psychology of consumers and win business opportunities. Wuxi Hives Fountain Equipment Co., Ltd. has a main design team, rich project experience, and has established project cooperation relations with many enterprises and institutions, and has been well received.

With the continuous development of technology, fountain companies can be said to have more and more tricks and attract people's attention. Fountain companies with high technology content can perform a beautiful picture. Fountain companies not only take the lead in technology, It also uses contemporary high-tech wristbands such as "sound, light, electricity, water, fire", and has a variety of water-based creative projects. This is a manifestation of the progress of the period, and it is also a remarkable effect of the advancement of science and technology.

People's vision is also constantly expanding, and the situation they can see is getting bigger and bigger. More tools that can attract people’s attention should be said to be fewer and fewer, but from time to time, innovations will still meet the eyes of contemporary people. The advancement of technology has made more fountain companies more romantic and personalized.

In a certain center, a beautiful scenery will attract more tourists to watch. Probably a water feature, a Japanese maple, or a delicate sculpture. The core landscape can provide viewers with visual beauty, giving people "unexpected" happiness.

The fountain company is a wonderful decoration, and the foggy system brings a romantic enjoyment. The installation fountain company is the easiest way to add water features to the flower garden. Whether it is used to accentuate the close-up and still dot the pool, the beating spring water can always attract people's vision.

The fountain is both beautiful and visually and physiologically giving people a relaxed and vivid feeling. It can be used to divide the space, decorate the pool, and can also be used to oxygenate the fish pond. The murmur of water sound is unstoppable, and any water feature can be used to finish it.

Guangdong Watershow Equipment Co., Ltd. is a large-scale comprehensive fountain company integrating product development, design, installation, commissioning and training of fountain cold mist equipment. With strong technical force and professional service talents, it is determined to reform and insist on innovation. More than a dozen series of products such as cold fog equipment program-controlled fountains, computer music fountains, bright fountains, water curtain fountains, laser fountains, etc. have been introduced to improve the color and grade of the fountain. At present, it has reached a multi-level cooperative relationship with many domestic government agencies, enterprises and institutions. In the future, we will provide you with more professional services in a more professional manner.

Today, with the rapid development of urbanization, environmental beautification has developed into a large and complete industrial chain. Various fountains and waterscapes attract people's attention, and waterscapes play an important role in improving the quality of human settlements and the image of the city. Waterscapes can improve air quality, increase air humidity, and bring people a fresh and comfortable living environment, so they are very popular.

However, there are many fountain landscape water bodies in China that have different degrees of water quality deterioration, especially the accumulation of organic matter, phosphorus, nitrogen and other substances in the water body will promote the rapid reproduction of algae, and the algae will consume water in the process of reproduction and growth. The oxygen makes the water eutrophication. The reason for the eutrophication is that the landscape water body is not equipped with water treatment facilities, and a considerable part of the fountain waterscape project does not install water treatment equipment in order to save investment, so it does not meet the water quality of the third and fourth types of landscape water specified in the regulations. standard. Although these projects have beautified the environment as a whole, they have caused pollution to the environment on the other hand.

The development of music fountain


Originally published 06 Jul 2020, updated 06 Jul 2020.

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