The Development of Music Fountain

Innovation and progress, scientific development

The acceleration of the urbanization process, the expansion of the scale of first-, second-, and third-tier cities, and the rapid expansion of towns at the county and township levels have provided strong market demand and good development opportunities for the prosperity of the musical fountain and water feature industry. In particular, some world-wide events held in China in recent years. For example, the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen World Universiade, etc., a large number of beautiful fountain water features emerged at the historic moment, adding splendour to the event, and also showing the achievement level of fountain water features development.

With the changes in the international and domestic economic situation, the speed of economic development has moderately slowed down, and industrial structure adjustment has been strengthened. More scientific requirements are put forward in urban planning, landscape construction, and improvement of the quality of human settlements. New requirements are also put forward for the development of the fountain waterscape industry. Facing the same opportunities, companies that insist on innovation and progress and take the path of scientific development can face higher market requirements, seize the commanding heights, achieve a high start, reach a high level, walk in the forefront of the industry, otherwise they will lose their initiative Lose more opportunities.

The connotation of innovation is scientific development. Persisting in innovation is like a ship with strong power to break through the waves. Under the influence of inertia and inertia, satisfied with imitation and repetition that does not seek to understand, if you lack power, you will sail against the water, and if you do not advance, you will retreat. The different performances of various companies in the industry also verify this. Especially for some old enterprises with a certain scale in the industry, the spirit of innovation and enterprising is particularly important. It is more difficult to start a business and to stay in business. In contrast, the burden of new enterprises is less burdensome, because these new enterprises are built on the basis of the development of old enterprises, and the experience and lessons of old enterprise development provide them with reference. Less detours. Regardless of whether the enterprise is new or old, the scale does not lie in the size of the large and small, insist on scientific development, and continuous improvement can be viable and vital.

Innovative and enterprising is not only the spirit, but also should be translated into specific measures, reflected on all levels. The idea innovation requires us to follow the main melody of the development of the times, broaden our horizons, relax our thinking, study the trend of market demand, make timely adjustments to the company's own structure, development model, and goals, adhere to the scientific development of energy conservation and environmental protection, and expand and extend The scope and depth of the fountain water feature service.

Design innovation is to make design continue to progress scientifically, rigorously, accurately and reasonably. Through designing how to achieve better results with more refined equipment, the utilization rate of product equipment is higher, the failure rate is less, and the operating cost is lower. How to make the water feature of the fountain achieve higher goals in reducing water consumption, energy consumption and water quality guarantee, reflecting better cost performance.

Process innovation is the main display platform for innovation. The development and manufacture of new products and equipment, the implementation and application of new technologies and new processes, while embodying ideas and design innovation, also create more business opportunities and greater benefits.

Management innovation can effectively promote the implementation of various laws, regulations and standards, and the establishment of an incentive mechanism can effectively attract talents, cultivate talents and talents, master the latest information and dynamics quickly and quickly, and apply cutting-edge technology in a timely and effective manner , Can keep the company alive and participate in market competition on a higher platform.

Service innovation enables enterprises to feed back information in a timely and accurate manner, making it smoother to connect with all parties in the market. It not only closes the relationship with all parties, but also establishes a good corporate image.

Taking the road of scientific development and innovation is to take the road of high-end, high-quality and high-tech. It takes hard work to take this road, but this is also the development of fountain and waterscape enterprises, the scale and level of the industry. only way. Only by continuing unswervingly can we maintain the momentum for sustainable development.

Attach great importance to quality issues

The quality problem is a common problem reflected inside and outside of the fountain water feature industry. Many users who have built a fountain water feature report that the fountain water feature is "affordable, unaffordable, and unrepairable." Many fountain water feature projects require major repairs in less than two or three years. What's more, after the completion of the project, they will continue to malfunction and maintain, and the dispute between the builder and the contractor will continue. The industry also often asks "Which products are more reliable?" If quality problems are not solved in time, it will become a major problem that troubles and restricts the healthy development of fountain waterscape enterprises and industries.

The design is unscientific and unreasonable, the products and equipment used are of inferior quality, the extensive processing on construction and installation, and the perfunctory service are all causes of quality problems.

The unrestricted lowest bid in the fountain waterscape project won the bid, and it is easy to induce some companies to bid at a price much lower than the normal base price. Once the bid is won, they do n’t want to lose money and want to make a profit. Well, it's a bad idea to make a lot of brains. This kind of inferior practice not only hurts users, but also hurts the enterprise itself and affects the reputation.

At present, whether the fountain water feature project is a tender or a tender document, it only describes the overall effect, layout form, equipment list, and quotation. It lacks important technical and economic analysis instructions, such as: total energy consumption of the project, service life of the main equipment and overhaul period , The annual renewal rate of wearing parts, water quality and environmental protection goals, the estimated annual operating costs and maintenance costs. In this way, the reasons for choosing high-quality and high-priced products with long service life and good effects cannot be revealed, but it is easy to leave a loophole for high-priced and low-quality practices.

Many products and equipment used in fountain water feature are non-standard special products, such as fountain dedicated pumps, fountain solenoid valves, nozzles and CNC nozzles, fountain underwater lights ... Many products are still in the stage of research and development, trial, need continuous improvement, improvement, Some products lack systematic testing, screening, and technical optimization at this stage, and some products have been used in the market for many years, but they still lack relevant technical standards, quality assurance regulations, and testing methods. These product quality monitoring is lacking, and problems are inevitable.

To solve this problem, enterprises and industries must work together. When developing new products and equipment, enterprises must go through the stages of testing, screening, and technology optimization. The industry will provide guidance to assist in the integration of technical resources and information resources in the industry. Sharing platform to help build production, learning and research platforms, to quickly formulate technical standards for fountain special equipment, and establish quality monitoring methods.

There are many specialties and wide categories of fountain water features, and problems in any link will affect normal use. The "cask effect" is typical in fountain water features. As long as one link is a short board, the length of other links will not help.

For projects without quality, the greater the number, the greater the harm. The market is always divided into high-end, middle-end and low-end products. It is necessary to promote "high-quality and high-price" products and to resist the low-price competition without regard to quality.

Enterprises should firmly establish the concept of quality, achieve scientific and reasonable design, reliable and excellent material selection, strict and meticulous construction and installation, strict and standardized operation and maintenance management, and considerate and timely service. Strictly control the quality from all aspects.

In the future, the industry will also put forward specific requirements on the assessment of quality issues for enterprises of different technical levels, and promote the healthy development of enterprises and industries on the road of high-end, high-quality, and high-tech.

Strongly advocate honesty and trustworthiness

Enterprises and industries have their social responsibilities, honesty and trustworthiness are fundamental. The reason for emphasizing this issue is that there are a small number of enterprises in the industry that have varying degrees of dishonesty and dishonesty. This is manifested in the phenomenon of contract breaches of some enterprises, and some enterprises exaggerate the effect of products in the research and development process, bragging about excessive packaging and misleading users; individual enterprises have acts of counterfeiting and deceiving users; even more will use Remove the trademark nameplate of the purchased product, so that the brand can drop the package, and the quality can drop the package. These merciful acts of dishonesty are met with resentment and resistance by most honest and trustworthy enterprises in the industry, but the negative impact and harm they produce cannot be ignored.

"A gentleman loves money and has a way." Facing market competition, facing customers, facing partners, and facing the interests of employees, business operators should strengthen self-discipline and social responsibility, and regulate corporate behavior. Only conscience can lead to good deeds, so that enterprises can embark on a healthy path of healthy development. We are gratified to see that more and more enterprises in the industry are making continuous progress in the implementation of honesty, trustworthiness, self-discipline and regulation. To deal with dishonesty and untrustworthiness, fraud should be good at using legal weapons to protect rights, and form a public opinion and atmosphere in the industry to support and eliminate evil. For enterprises that are occasionally dishonest and untrustworthy, criticize and help. Let them learn their lessons and correct them in time. "Knowledge of corrections is great." To restore credibility and rebuild trust with practical actions.

It is difficult to create a brand, it takes many years of hard work, and it is easy to destroy the brand. Let each of us start from our own, persevere, and jointly build an honest, trustworthy, self-disciplined, and standardized business environment to enable the healthy development of the industry.

Create a harmonious and cohesive industry atmosphere

Whether it is an enterprise or an industry, harmony and cohesion are necessary guarantees for sustainable development. Enterprise harmony, condensate gathering produces centripetal force, unity and harmony, industry harmony, condensing gathering makes the industry prosperous and full of vitality.

The establishment of a harmonious and cohesive atmosphere of an enterprise mainly lies in the leadership and management of the enterprise operator. In addition to a clear and unambiguous development goal and planning, scientific and realistic and enterprising spirit, and advanced humanized management methods, enterprise development should also properly handle various internal and external relations and contradictions related to the enterprise. Obey the law and integrity first, take the lead in doing self-discipline in market competition, prevent and resist corruption and unhealthy practices. Competition is not only a contest of strength, ability, level and performance, but also an opportunity to learn from opponents. Promote the open, fair and fair display of their own advantages and strengths in the process of competition, to achieve success in the competition, to avoid improper derogation and attack on opponents. More friends and less grievances, too many enemies will hurt themselves, enterprise managers must change themselves through market discipline, improve and improve themselves, rational and peaceful mentality will produce rational and peaceful behavior, in the establishment of conducive to market competitiveness At the same time, the image will also win the respect of the opponent.

The industry should advocate and encourage scientific development, innovation and progress, be realistic and trustworthy, open and inclusive, fair competition spirit, close relations with enterprises, and strengthen interaction.

Through the development of standards, planning, technical training, academic exchanges, strengthen international exchanges, promote information exchange and sharing, use the talents and knowledge resources of scientific research, design institutes, colleges and universities to build an industrial, academic and research platform with enterprises. Serve the enterprise well.

We welcome legal and legal market competition, and boycott and oppose illegal and non-compliant market activities.

The associations registered in Hong Kong and operating in the Mainland are not protected by domestic laws and violate the regulations of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. Our members and industry should boycott and oppose it clearly.

With the purification and standardization of the market, users are rational and sober. Those who are not working on technological advancement, scientific management, and honest operation only want to falsify, speculate, and mislead users to promote their low-quality and low-price, low-end products. Our members and industry will also actively protect the rights of members, consumers, and users.

Let us create a harmonious and cohesive industry atmosphere, maintain a strong momentum of sustainable development, and work together to prosper the fountain water feature market and improve the quality of the fountain water feature.

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