The development history of musical fountain

The development history of musical fountain

Music Fountain Design In the urbanization construction, there are fountain designs in large and small parks, which is also a great construction to attract tourists. More than 70% of people's bodies are full of water, and people's life and health are inseparable from boiled water. In essence, people are close to water, and children have high water content, so it is obvious that they like water. Therefore, the fountain, a water-based landscape, can be said to be a good landscape that everyone loves.

Fountain is a kind of spring water, which pushes up the water that should flow downward by the action of pressure pump and spews it out in different shapes. Fountains nowadays generally refer to artificial fountains. Fountains are also divided into two categories: one is the fountain facilities built on site according to the terrain and local conditions, and the other is the fountain facilities built purely manually. The common fountain facilities of the two categories are inseparable from human participation, but the natural fountains participating in the former category also occupy a part, while the latter category has no natural fountains.

Artificial fountains did not appear in the eyes of ordinary people before. Most of them were garden fountains built by royal garden builders for senior officials and nobles in the court to enjoy and visit. Later, it gradually entered people's field of vision, and was transformed by excellent folk craftsmen to build various fountains for people to enjoy. Nowadays, building fountains has become more specialized, just like an industry, focusing on creating unique and high-quality waterscape fountains, bringing various beautiful fountains into people's lives.

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