The design of music fountain

25 Sep 2020

However, the design and construction of musical fountain directly affect the overall effect of waterscape. The article expounds the design issues that are currently concerned about the waterscape fountain in the garden, analyzes the debugging measures in the construction aspect, and analyzes the focus of its design and construction based on the actual project.

At present, the beautiful effect of waterscape has become the focus of optimization in environmental design and garden engineering construction. With the development of waterscape application technology, people have higher and higher requirements for the living environment. Waterscape facilities such as man-made waterfalls, man-made streams, modeling fountains, and dry-land fountains have been continuously completed in urban squares, parks, factories, and residential quarters. Economic development and social progress have made the construction of waterscapes gradually developed from traditional garden architecture supporting projects to relatively independent projects. The design and construction of water features involve professional knowledge in many fields such as building structure, water supply and drainage, and electricity. Design and construction personnel must master relevant professional knowledge in order to create a satisfactory waterscape.

Generally speaking, the landscape effect of water is that people perceive the water body and its surrounding environment through their own sense of sight, hearing and touch, and then stimulate certain emotions and interests. It can also be said that it is the effect of the harmony between human and nature that produces landscape induction. These landscape effects can be induced by the aesthetic characteristics of different landscape elements such as form beauty, line beauty, color beauty, dynamic beauty, static beauty, hearing beauty, and smell beauty.

The design of music fountain

At present, many waterscape projects use submersible pumps that do not require a pump house as hydraulic lifting equipment in order to save construction area or reduce project cost. However, the reliability of current submersible pumps is much lower than that of centrifugal pumps. Damage to submersible pumps will bring adverse consequences to waterscapes: Waterscapes often produce partial defects and incomplete shapes: Once the pump insulation is damaged, the water body will be charged. Caused by the leakage of the submersible pump causing casualties. If a centrifugal pump is used, the length of the pipeline must be increased, a pump room will be set up, and the project cost will increase. Therefore, the development of high-reliability submersible pumps is a key to reducing the cost of waterscape projects.

On the other hand, centrifugal pumps have incomparable advantages over submersible pumps in terms of maintenance conditions. They can maintain long-term and reliable operation of waterscape projects, but the one-time investment is high. In real life, even if the distance between the fountain pools is tens of meters, the number of nozzles between the pools is different, but in order to save costs, investors often use one pump to supply multiple fountain nozzles in the same system. This has caused many problems in the commissioning of the construction unit. When the water pump runs for about 30 minutes, the water volume of each small pool will be uneven, and there will be a phenomenon of "the next to the water platform comes first." For example, the water level of some fountains will rise immediately, and the water will flow from the base. Up and down; the waves in some fountains beat each other, like the ocean, the back waves push the forward waves, and occasionally sporadic water points float out; the water level of some fountains remains neutral, not high or low, with slight waves surging; some fountains The water dries up immediately, and drips do not exist.

After practical analysis, the reasons for the imbalance of the water in the various fountains are mainly due to the different elevations of the water surface of the waterscape pool, the distance between the waterscape pool and the pump, the number of nozzles in each fountain is inconsistent, the pipeline layout is unreasonable, etc.

To solve the above problems, the following two points need to be achieved: When the water surface of the fountain is in a static state, unify the nozzle elevations in each fountain, unify the overflow elevation of each fountain, and unify the height of the liquid level of each fountain replenishment tank; Increase the regulating valve in the water supply pipeline and return pipeline. After correcting the above three elevations and adding valves, run the pump again. Adjust the valves one by one according to the nozzle water flow and return pipe flow of each fountain. Eventually, the balance of spraying water and returning water of each pool is reached, and there is no more uneven water volume.

The design of music fountain

Generally speaking, the construction of garden landscape is a work of creating and transforming the environment. To carry out the overall design of the waterscape, you should first analyze the basic requirements of the environment and atmosphere, and then analyze the various waterscape forms, sort out different combination schemes, draw effect diagrams, and select the best.

There are several types of waterscape, such as still water, flowing water, falling water, and spraying water. These several forms can derive colorful changes. Especially due to the development of sprinkler technology, the spray posture has changed a lot. With these materials, and through professional art design, a beautiful water art landscape can be outlined.

The choice of nozzles in fountain design is very important. Various types of nozzles are widely used in waterscapes to generate different shapes. At present, the quality of domestically produced sprinklers is very different. Compared with similar foreign products, the biggest problem is not only the appearance, but also the design quality.

The biggest requirement for sprinklers in water landscape engineering is beautiful water shape: smooth and stable jet flow. However, the jets of most domestic products either diverge strongly or are uneven. Even the same batch of products, the water quality is extremely unstable. The reason for the poor quality of domestic sprinklers is that in addition to the lack of mechanical production and processing accuracy, the fundamental reason is that there is no perfect design theory and design basis in the design of special sprinklers for water landscape. therefore. It is recommended that the national professional society organize relevant experts to formulate feasible design specifications and standards as soon as possible, so that my country's waterscape fountain industry can progress and develop more standardized.

In actual use, attention should be paid to the characteristics of various nozzles. Generally, water film sprinklers have poor wind resistance and should not be used in outdoor windy occasions: Jet suction sprinklers such as cedar or spring are more sensitive to water level changes. When using, not only should pay attention to water level changes, but also design the pool There are corresponding measures to suppress waves, such as setting a longer overflow weir or underwater wave wall. However, there are also pulsating fountains that use the hydraulic phenomenon of wave resonance to build pulsating fountains. The regular wave surging makes the water jets jump and change regularly. There are also many high-tech fountain equipment, which can also be used in water art landscapes.

Undoubtedly, an excellent garden project is inseparable from the decoration of waterscape fountains. With its unique characteristics, waterscape projects play an indispensable role in modern gardens. Reasonable optimization of garden waterscape fountains is inseparable from the perfect combination of design and construction, and the harmonious combination of design and construction, I believe that the development of garden waterscape fountain projects will definitely take a higher level.

The design of music fountain


Originally published 25 Sep 2020, updated 25 Sep 2020.

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