The design elements of music fountain

17 Jul 2020

1.Modeling design and nozzle selection of musical fountain .

For the overall design of the creative fountain, the basic requirements of the environment and atmosphere should be analyzed first, and then the various waterscape forms should be analyzed, different combinations should be listed, and the effect diagrams should be drawn to choose the best.

The forms of creative fountain water features are still water, running water, falling water, and water spray. These shapes can also be derived from colorful changes. Especially due to the development of nozzle technology, the water spray posture has changed a lot. With these materials, through professional art design, you can draw a beautiful aquatic landscape.

In addition, different creative fountain forms are suitable for different application scenarios. For example, music creative fountains are generally suitable for meeting places such as squares. It is an organic combination of music, water shape, and light to give people a visual and auditory beauty; at the same time, the fountain and the square are integrated into one, forming part of the building. The buildings in the residential area are more suitable for the design of the stream surrounding to reflect the quiet and relaxed atmosphere, giving people a smooth and relaxing visual enjoyment, thereby creating a pleasant living and resting space.

The choice of nozzles in creative fountain design is important. Various types of sprinklers are widely used in waterscapes to generate various water shapes. At present, there are great differences in the quality of domestically produced nozzles. Compared with similar products abroad, the biggest problem is not only the appearance but also the design quality.

The design elements of music fountain

In actual use, attention should be paid to the characteristics of various nozzles. General water film nozzles have poor wind resistance and should not be used outdoors in windy places; jet suction nozzles such as cedar or springs are more sensitive to water level changes. When using, not only should pay attention to water level changes, but also design in the pool body There are corresponding measures to suppress waves. Such as setting a long overflow weir or underwater wave barrier. However, it is also conducive to the construction of a pulsating fountain, which is a hydraulic phenomenon of wave resonance. The regular wave surge makes the water jet jump regularly and changes in height. At present, there are many high-tech fountain equipment, which can also be used in aquatic landscapes. The jets of Bright Spring and Jumping Spring are very smooth and stable, and the appearance is like a glass rod, which can accurately fall in the water hole; Jumping Spring can generate a water jet of variable length under the control of a computer; the jumping ball fountain can spray a controllable size Smooth water polo. They are very interesting and unforgettable. Various high-tech nozzles used in large-scale music fountains and various high-tech nozzles used in underwater-type music fountains and underwater motion machinery and control parts are also in a wide variety and can be widely selected.

2.Pipe material selection

Earlier projects generally used hot-dip galvanized steel pipes, but there were many shortcomings.

After being used for a period of time, the surface of the steel pipe is corroded, which affects the appearance, and its service life is more than double that of the concrete structure. The better pipes are copper pipes and stainless steel pipes, but the cost is higher. UPVC pipe can avoid corrosion, but it has the problems of poor weather resistance, and direct light irradiation accelerates discoloration and aging. If it is buried under the bottom of the pool (in the north, pay attention to the slope and the vent valve at the lower end, and drainage and antifreeze in winter), and the use of copper or stainless steel pipes in the exposed part should be a more reasonable and economic solution. According to the manufacturer, the service life of UPVC pipes can reach fifty years without direct sunlight.

In general, the design of creative fountains needs to pay attention to the shape of creative fountains, the choice of nozzles and the choice of pipe materials.

The design elements of music fountain

Also today, the musical fountain has become the most common waterscape in the city. We can see that there are musical fountains on the square. The musical fountains are artificial landscapes. In the dynamic rhythm, the fountain sprays water through the nozzle to change the shape of the water, so how to control the rhythm of the music fountain is a very important question for the designer of the music fountain.

Musical fountains are generally accompanied by colored lights and fountain water patterns that change with the rhythm of music, giving people the most intuitive feeling. The dynamic sense of water makes people feel the dynamic beauty in the eyes, so the rhythm of the music fountain is very important. The rhythm of the music is constantly changing, fast and slow, and the effect of the water column and the change of the light must also be changed in a unified rhythm, so that the charm of the music fountain can be experienced in a uniform rhythm, and more dynamic beauty can be experienced.

How to control the rhythm of the music fountain? In fact, the reason why the water column of the fountain can change the lighting effect is because the swing device is designed and programmed by PLC. The change of the position and speed of the swing device is the main reason for the change in water shape. The swing mechanism of the fountain should have a specific function Sensor control, the sensor should have waterproof function, so that it can achieve non-contact positioning, common sensors are different sensors such as photoelectric effect sensor, Hall sensor magnet effect, etc., but the working principle of the sensor is the same, to achieve the water shape of the fountain In order to achieve a precise position, the swing device is required to reach the positioning position from one direction, which can effectively ensure the accuracy of the rhythm, so pay attention to this point when designing.

Whether the positioning of the swing mechanism of the music fountain is accurate, that is, whether the rhythm is accurate, is related to the length of the swing arm of the swing device, the voltage and speed of the motor control power supply, etc., are key factors that can affect the kinetic energy. During the swing process of the swing device The friction force and the surrounding resistance, such as the resistance of wind and water flow, are the key factors that affect the accuracy of the swing, so these parameters are very important. In order to have accurate positioning, it is necessary to constantly change the control parameters according to actual needs.

In general, how to control the rhythm of the music fountain is to control the swing equipment of the music fountain, and to know the various influencing factors in the swing process, so as to accurately locate.

The design elements of music fountain


Originally published 17 Jul 2020, updated 17 Jul 2020.

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