Talk about fountains

Talk about fountains

Fountain is a kind of combination with a specific shape that sprays water or other liquid through a nozzle under a certain pressure.Generally speaking, fountain landscapes can be divided into two categories: First, according to local conditions, according to the on-site topographic structure and imitating natural waterscape, such as wall springs, springs, fog springs, pipe flows, streams, waterfalls, water curtains, falling water, water waves, whirlpools, etc. Second, relying entirely on fountain equipment for artificial landscaping. This kind of waterscape is widely used in the field of architecture, which develops rapidly and has many kinds, such as music fountain, running fountain, laser water curtain film and so on.

Fountains can be roughly divided into the following types: ordinary decorative fountains are composed of various flower-shaped patterns; Fountains and sculptures combined with sculptures form a landscape together; Water sculpture creates various large-scale water column postures by manpower and machinery to form a landscape; Self-controlled fountains use electronic technology to control water, light, sound and color according to design procedures, and form strange and changeable landscapes. In addition to the above types, there are high fountains, dry land fountains, music fountains, running fountains, jumping fountains, floating fountains and music running fountains.

Fountain is a natural landscape, which is the ground outcrop of confined water. Fountains in gardens are usually decorative water spraying devices built artificially for the purpose of landscaping. Fountains can moisten the surrounding air, reduce dust and lower the temperature. The tiny water droplets of fountain collide with air molecules, which can produce a large number of negative oxygen ions. Therefore, fountains are conducive to improving the city appearance and enhancing the physical and mental health of residents. The principle of fountain is a conservation of momentum. From a large radius pipe to a small radius pipe, there is a change of velocity, and it rushes away from the ground.

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