Talk about fountain design

Talk about fountain design

Fountain design will bring you different and beautiful feelings with changing waterscape. In the design of water type, the effect of the whole fountain is mainly considered, so that the water and light can blend and shine with each other. Creativity, planning, design aim: high starting point, accurate positioning, new creativity, image building, environmental protection, environmental protection, modern design concept, design level, technology and technology. Waterscape is the "thing" and concept is the "soul".

Fountain forms the ups and downs of the fountain and the rising overall rhythm with the changeable artistic forms of the virtual and real. With advanced high-tech waterscape, various sprinkler heads and lighting combinations, a new bright spot has been added. Create artistic, ecological and harmonious intellectual space, create a new world and space with tourism, leisure, entertainment and self-cultivation for the people of the whole city.

Fountain is composed of a variety of nozzles, presenting various large landscapes, with many changes and richness. Features of the fountain: the water type is magnificent, and the performances are varied. Through high-tech means, programming and artistic innovation, it can show the amazing space landscape.

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