Running Spring Musical Fountain

13 Mar 2019

The running spring is a dynamic water shape generated by a solenoid valve sequentially opening and closing to control a long row of nozzles. The computer controls hundreds of water spray points, runs at super high speed with the melody of music, or instantly forms a trend of sloping the sea, forming a euphemistic wave, or forming other water features, setting off the spectacular and vitality of the attractions.

Running Spring Musical Fountain

Running springs musical fountain have two ways of working:

(1) Sound control method----change with the sound of music;

(2) Designation method----There are procedures to determine.

Running Spring Musical Fountain

The water shape produced by the program-determined running spring can be divided into a static water shape and a dynamic water shape. Among them, the dynamic water shape includes: moving left and right, the middle to the sides, the sides to the middle, dynamic waves, jumping, block moving, random and other 7 categories. The movement speed of each type of water can range from tens of milliseconds to hundreds of milliseconds, and the number of nozzles can be arbitrarily selected. In addition, dynamic water shapes are generated: triangle, zigzag, wall shape, and Gaussian shape. The class is divided into many different combinations, so there are hundreds of water-shaped changes in running springs.

Running Spring is especially suitable for wide places such as rivers, lakes, and seas.

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Originally published 13 Mar 2019, updated 13 Mar 2019.

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