Rotating Musical Fountain Nozzles

04 Apr 2019

As we all know, the trend in the sector is to bring dynamism to water. This is why we are launching two rotating nozzles, used to obtain attractive water displays, which can be added to the design of any musical, dancing or cybernetic water feature.

Rotating Musical Fountain Nozzles

Our experience in the production of impact sprinklers for gardening has been fundamental for the design of these rotating musical fountain nozzles. These sprinklers rotate at a certain speed due to water pressure. This is the principle behind the operation of a waterwheel. Therefore, generating movement from water pressure does not pose a technical difficulty for Safe Rain. We have now decided to use this fact to create architectural water features that are extremely simple to construct, but with great visual beauty, as the water moves without any additional mechanical or electrical devices.

Rotating Musical Fountain Nozzles

In the nozzle of the Hibiscus, inclined jets of water create a torque (turning force) which, when transmitted correctly to a shaft, make the upper part of the nozzle rotate. The central jet of water manufactured with an inclination of a few degrees creates a revolving cone when the nozzle rotates. The greater the pressure at the outlet of this musical fountain nozzle, the faster the rotation speed and, therefore, the higher the height of the cone.

At night, the illumination of these water jets creates a spectacular effect, as this one is really made up of hundreds of rotating droplets, meaning that the beam of light forms authentic pearls of color when it hits these droplets.

Rotating Musical Fountain Nozzles

We hope that you enjoy the water displays created by both nozzles, the Hibiscus and the Dancing, as much as we have enjoyed the entire creative, development, testing and manufacturing process of both articles, designed to entertain anyone who takes a moment to observe them.

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Originally published 04 Apr 2019, updated 04 Apr 2019.

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