Preset the Software For A Musical Fountain DMX Control Panel

Once designed and manufactured the Control Panel needed to control the cybernetic musical fountain, it is time to develop the water features that we have previously defined in the 3D video,let’s leaving in our hands the following points.

musical fountain

Setting the logical scene in the Software: Based on all project requirements, we configure the software that is integrated into the computer's control panel, so that all components in the dancing musical fountain project are set correctly in the program.

musical fountain

Implementation of a non musical show. Musical fountains usually run without music, music just sounds for specific events. For non-musical fountains and musical fountains operating without music, we define a show where water features are not supported by music, but the jets and lighting are synchronize themselves. This show will be repeated cyclically while the fountain is operating. It will be long enough so that the viewer is unable to remember the sequence.

musical fountain

Setting the Musical Water Show: Once configured the logical setting we have to program how descriptionthe water jets to dance, depending on the chosen music. To do this, the software, based on a common time line to the music, lights and jets (pumps, frequency converters, or solenoid valves), developing operating sequences that will make all the components synchronized and totally coordinated.

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