Palace of Versailles Fountain Show

02 Aug 2019

The Palace of Versailles musical fountain is perhaps the best-known chateau in France. The former home of French Kings is a World Heritage Site and visited by millions of people each year. While visiting the Palace itself is said to be an extraordinary experience, the gardens of Versailles draw as much attention if not more. The gardens span across 800 hectares and are a magnificent sight to behold. They seem to go on into infinity, boast perfectly symmetrical, maze-like hedges, and comprise of 50 fountains. But, it gets even better – the Palace of Versailles fountain show.

Palace of Versailles Fountain Show

The Palace of Versailles musical fountain show is an incredible way to explore and admire the fountains and groves as the fascinating water features dance to the sound of music. This was easily one of our favourite experiences during our recent Paris trip. Here is everything you need to know about taking this tour.

It’s fairly easy to make your way to Versailles from downtown Paris by either bus, train, or car. The train is probably the cheapest and easiest option for inexperienced travelers or those unfamiliar with Paris. The regional RER trains have fewer stops than the metro and is the easiest and quickest way to make your way from Paris to Versailles.

Palace of Versailles Fountain Show

There’s something so surreal about strolling in and out of the maze-like hedges that used to be occupied by the royals. The musical fountain show is a celebration of history and an experience that will make you feel like a King or Queen for the day.

Trust me, you are going to need the map! The gardens are vast and the fountains are spread out throughout. The map will not only help you to find your way around the maze-like gardens but will also guide you according to the various fountain displays and times. Your last stop will be at the Neptune fountain, in time for the grand finale.

The symmetrical and geometrical landscape design make for a labyrinths effect. It’s very easy to get lost in the gardens, so you need to keep your wits about you. But, use the map and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Water features of all kinds are an important part of French gardens. In fact, even more so than plant designs and groves. At the Palace of Versailles fountain show they include waterfalls in some of the groves and spurts of water in the fountains.

Palace of Versailles Fountain Show

This isn’t part of the Palace of Versailles fountain show but it is a beautiful sight. At the foot of the Palace on the garden side, you will find three large parterres; North Parterre, South Parterre and Water Parterres. There are also other small parterre which form intricate patterns in the Versailles gardens.

You can view these gardens from specific points next to the Palace which give a beautiful image of the stunning landscapes based on symmetry. Filled with bronze cupids, statues of sphinxes, and marble sculptures, these parterres and paths look magical to walk through.

Most people go to Versaille specifically to visit the Palace. While we haven’t yet been inside the Palace, I hear it’s absolutely gorgeous. However, don’t miss your chance to explore the gardens and more importantly the fountain show.

This is truly an experience like no other! There is nowhere else in the world where you can stroll through the Palace gardens of what used to be the residence of the French royals, while taking in a charming and electric musical show of fountain displays.

The Palace of Versailles fountain show and garden experience is the most incredible on summer weekends when the fountains are allowed to play. On the musical days there is an admission fee charged for the Chateau de Versailles. Generally Saturdays are less crowded than Sundays.

The Palace of Versailles fountain show tickets will cost you 9.50 EUR. This includes access to the gardens and of course, the musical show. The fountains night show is more extravagant with colorful lighting effects and a firework display which will set you back 26 EUR.

Tickets for admission to just the Palace will cost you 18 EUR. However, there is a “Passport” ticket option which includes the Palace, exhibitions, the gardens and parks, and the musical fountains show or musical gardens which will cost you 27 EUR.

All ticketing information and online purchases can be made from the Chateau de Versailles website.

Palace of Versailles Fountain Show

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Originally published 02 Aug 2019, updated 02 Aug 2019.

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