Music Water Fountain Development Trend

01 Sep 2018

1. Government investment city project have appear reduced trend.

The lanscape fountain market main consists of municipal waterscape, commercial waterscape and foreign market. For long time, the municipal waterscape is largest part. With the rapid development of China's economy, the construction of municipal landscapes has been expanding year by year during past ten years. Due to the government's image project, one-sided pursuit of “high, big, and upper”, until 2013 appear unnormal development , sometimes here have investment of 50 million to 100 million yuan before fully tested non-standard underwater equipment, the quality problems are obvious. After the 18th National Congress, affected by the policy, the total amount of municipal waterscapes decreased significantly and gradually returned to normal.

2. Because the cultural tourism industry and commercial real estate industry invested devolopment promote fountain devolpment.

The commercial waterscape is mainly composed of two parts, real estate and water features in tourism, entertainment and performing arts. In recent years, the real estate market has been sluggish, but tourism, performing arts, entertainment, leisure and other industries have developed rapidly. Some large commercial real estate companies have also begun to increase the elements of water in commercial real estate. In recent years, Wuhan’s Hanxiu and Kunming’s DaiXiu, and Kaifeng Water Park's big O show as the representative of the water show, they will affect the development trend of the waterscape industry.

The general manager of Wanda clearly stated that they hope to add a strong fountain project to the Wanda industry.

Commercial waterscapes have a stronger purpose and it connect economic benefits. So for design and performance are requirement is very high. The commercial waterscape has replaced the municipal waterscape and has become the trend of the mainstream water market in China. The development of commercial waterscapes also marks the beginning of formalization and maturity of China's waterscape market. The fountain market will have a broader development space only if it is transformed from a project that costs money to a project that can bring economic benefits.

Music Water Fountain Development Trend

3. According to Internet development make enterprises from information asymmetry to transparent, led to many enterpries difficult survise in market which get profit from product price different.

4. Enterprises that are innovative in technology and art will gain faster development.

The domestic fountain culture and art precipitation has a great gap with foreign countries, and it lacks enthusiasm and investment in art design creativity. As a result, the gap between art design and the top fountains in the West is growing. The Chinese fountain industry is large overall. Not strong, does not have the strength to compete with foreign top fountain companies. In recent years, one of the markets with the highest gold content is the commercial water show. The most lucrative interests in this market have been earned by foreign companies, and domestic companies have only harvested equipment and installation fees. This phenomenon is not unique to the fountain. Any culturally related industry in the country encounters such a dilemma.

Technology is the bones of the fountain, and culture and art are its soul. If the investment in art design is not greatly increased, the fountain waterscape project will always be the installation of pipelines, pumps, valves and electrical, not art works.

5. The foreign trade market gain further development

6. The Internet platform will make some companies bring much unique ideal or design.

Music Water Fountain Development Trend

1. Improve your artistic accomplishment:

Many factory produced fountain copy Dubai style, but none of them can be shaped, let alone, the reason is that they fail to understand the true meaning of modern art.

2. Unqiue fountain design:

The demand side gradually emerged from the big and complete, small and all misunderstandings, and began to pursue the fountain design with clear theme and distinct personality.

Music Water Fountain Development Trend

3. Attracting cross-industry talent:

The fountain is a combination of software, communication, sound and light, hydropower and machinery. It is designed and arranged to draw nutrition from the fields of music, dance, painting, philosophy, literature, etc., and is used in fountain art performance. This requires ‘generalism’, and ‘generalism’ is always rare, but if it is to be promoted, then these people cannot.

4. Increase the audience's experience with the fountain:

There are many fountain lovers in China who want to participate in the fountain, but the lack of Xiangquan has long been a relatively closed industry. The fountain company lacks communication with Party A and the design institute. In order to adapt to the changes in the market, this closed pattern must be broken. Fountain companies need to open themselves, be transparent, and carry out extensive and candid ways with the market. If they can provide them with some channels, they can participate in the music arrangement of the fountain. With the increase of 'Fountain Fans', the popularity of the fountain will be enhanced. These people are usually young people, and the interest of young people determines the future market of the fountain.

5. Conduct cross-industry cooperation:

The fountain has long been a closed industry, lacking extensive communication with the outside world. For example, for a long time, fountains have obvious shortcomings in multimedia production and lighting effects. This requires more cooperation with multimedia creative and production companies, exchanges with professional stage lighting professionals, and introduces their professional ideas and technologies. In the fountain.

6. Create a theoretical system of fountain art:

7. Make our own brand:

There are many big fountain projects in China, but there not have any famous brand in Chinese fountains.

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Originally published 01 Sep 2018, updated 01 Sep 2018.

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