Music Fountain Pump

21 Mar 2020

Watershow musical fountain pump submersible pumps are mostly single-suction multistage vertical centrifugal pumps. The submersible motor is a closed water-filled wet, vertical three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motor. The motor and the pump are directly connected through a claw or single-key barrel coupling.

1. Stainless steel fountain pump has automatic water injection function.

2. The motor is self-circulating water-filled cooling.

3. Use cast iron or stainless steel materials to improve the corrosionresistance of the pump.

4. The impeller uses special materials to prevent the impeller from loosening.

5. The pump adopts stainless steel filter cover and three-phase four-wire cable.

6. Leakage protection measures: Use a constant potential grounding device.

7. On the basis of the original ordinary pump, according to the requirements of the fountain special pump, the technology is continuously developed and the processing materials are continuously improved, so that the fountain special pump can be frequently started, which is completely suitable for the use of musical fountains.

The fountain special pumps are made of cast iron or stainless steel for the external, over-flow parts and external parts, and they still retain the original fountain special pump performance. Using high-quality cold-rolled steel sheet as the motor material, increasing the number of turns of the motor windings and the diameter of the diving line, using three-phase four-core wires as the special cable for the fountain, adding an anti-loose device for the impeller, and using imported rust-proof magnetic paint Through the above structure improvement, the inertia of the submersible pump is small, the response speed of the fountain pump is fast, and the bearing adopts a high-performance special shaft to improve the insulation level, so as to meet the needs of frequent starting of musical special fountains.

Music Fountain Pump

Here we also would like to show some ways to improve the fountain pump.For a waterscape project, the fountain pump is like the heart of the waterscape project, so whether the capacity configuration of the fountain pump meets the needs of the waterscape project will directly affect the high-speed water supply and fountain operation efficiency, and even the normal operation of the entire waterscape project.

The capacity of a fountain pump is usually calculated in flow liters per hour (LPH). Large pumps are measured in watts (W). The manufacturer will provide a chart showing the size and power of the fountain pump as the head and flow increase. Because some pumps have been marked with flow rate, other fountain pumps only give letters or numbers, which requires reference to the chart.

If you want to determine how large a pump is needed for your waterfall project, you must first estimate the vertical height from the top of the fountain pump to the top of the waterfall. Note that some designers estimate the height from the top of the pool water. If the fountain pump is installed 60cm underwater, there will be a difference of 60cm in head. For large projects, the difference in water flow will be small, but it will have an impact in small projects.

In waterscape design, controlling the capacity of the fountain pump often determines whether a project works normally.

Also, when we make a outdoor waterscape project How to choose fountain pump?

1 . Principles of choosing a fountain pump

(1) According to the type of artificial water features, select the applicable fountain pump type;

(2) Reasonable price, light weight, easy installation and maintenance;

(3) High efficiency, low power consumption, low operating costs, stable operation and long service life.

2 . Choice of fountain pump

After the type of fountain pump is selected, it is necessary to comprehensively compare the performance, price and reliability and effectiveness of similar fountain pumps made by different manufacturers.

(1) Understand the total head of the fountain pump. Recommended reading: Selection principle of stainless steel submersible pump

(2) Fountain pump flow The fountain pump flow is related to the shape of the pipe network and the type of water feature:

(3) Selection of fountain pump According to the total lift and total flow of the fountain pump and the selection principle of the fountain pump. Select the fountain pump.

Music Fountain Pump

3.Parallel, series and backup of fountain pumps

Submersible fountain pumps are generally not connected in series. If the head is high, multi-stage submersible fountain pumps can be used. When a submersible fountain pump cannot meet the flow. Ke chose multiple submersible fountain pumps of the same model. The centrifugal pump can work in parallel and series. When a centrifugal pump cannot meet the required flow rate, multiple centrifugal pumps of the same model can be selected. When the working pressure is high, a centrifugal pump of the same model and flow rate can be selected to work in series, or a multi-stage centrifugal pump can be used. After parallel or series connection, the efficiency and superimposed value of the pump are slightly lower than when the single unit is working. For safety reasons. For water features that require long-term continuous operation, an appropriate amount of spare pumps should be added, such as two uses and one reserve.

At last, we would like to show you some Specifications and parameters of the fountain pump.About the structure, installation and use of fountain pumps In this article, we will go from plain text to professional data.

The pump industry has always been fiercely competitive, and many developments are uneven. Whether it is products or services, Watershow is a company that has always been committed to products, services, and brands. Nuclear power, always keep the original intention, and continue to advance in the development and design of pumps.

Guangdong Watershow Co., Ltd. is a global leader in stainless steel submersible pumps / submersible motors. It is a professional manufacturer of intelligent silent water supply equipment. Watershow is committed to continuous improvement of pump technology, products and solutions. Committed to the field of pump and water system development, providing customers with tailor-made solutions.

When selecting fountain pumps for landscape fountains, seawater fountains and other projects, you need to have a certain understanding of the specifications of the fountain pump. The specifications of the fountain pump mainly refer to the relevant content of the product, such as the flow head of the product. Xiaobian compiled related articles for the reference of our customers.

Technical Parameters:

Flow Q: maximum 750m3 / h

Head H: up to 510m

Power P: up to 400kW

Liquid temperature: -5 ℃ -40 ℃

Performance and advantages:

1. Low noise, no pollution, high efficiency

2. Small size, save space, support horizontal installation

3. Wide range of material options

4. Sand content ≤350 g / m3

Music Fountain Pump


Originally published 21 Mar 2020, updated 21 Mar 2020.

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