Music Fountain In West Lake

29 Nov 2018

Music fountain of west lake is located on the lake near hubin3 park. The 126-meter long music fountain shows people its charming charm.On the evening of May 1, 2016, music fountain in west lake reopened after half a year's rectification.

The performance time is 19:00 and 20:00 every night, three songs are played each.

Music Fountain In West Lake


Music fountain in west lake is about 126 meters long, and the arc part is about 2 meters wide. The whole music fountain mainly has seven nozzle categories, including two-dimensional nozzle, runquan nozzle, high nozzle, secondary high nozzle, rainbow nozzle, air burst nozzle and pneumatic water film nozzle.Fountain lights use underwater LED lights, which can change several different colors.After careful design of the fountain nozzle, can be 360 degrees of rotation, equipped with music, ejected a variety of shapes of water column, fog, water ball.The music that fountain USES basically has west lake characteristic song, Chinese classical music and popular music, foreign classical music and popular music to wait.

Music Fountain In West Lake


The west lake music fountain design on the west lake of music fountain had been to Qingdao before modification the park music fountain field, hope I can from the nation's largest music fountain design inspiration in work, also have a large number of netizens found that modified during the period of the west lake music fountain and Qingdao the park music fountain strikingly similar, also have a large number of contrast video online, from the formation of the fountain, water column form to selections can find similar marks, a "truly" is to let netizens exclaimed replication is in place.In this regard, the relevant responsible personnel of the west lake scenic area also mentioned in the interview with zhejiang news that it is normal for domestic music fountain design works to be used for reference.

Music Fountain In West Lake


19:00 and 20:00 every day, a total of 2 sessions.

Note: 1. Each song will be sprayed with three pieces.

2. In case of thunder, thunderstorm, typhoon and other bad weather, music fountain will be cancelled to discharge.

3. All information shall be subject to the content displayed on the LED screen in the south of music fountain square and the on-site broadcast.

The Music

1) new fountain repertoire:

Magnificent seven-elmer Bernstein

I Will Always Love You -- Whitney Houston

The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli&Celine Dion

The Power of Love Celine Dion

Santorini - Yanni

O 'Sole, benefiting - Luciano Pavarotti

Traffic information

Nearby bus station:

Take 271 road, 51 road, Y10 road, 7 road, 12 road, 59 road, 60 road, 133 road, 25 road to [dongpo road pinghai intersection] station, 150 west.

Take no. 287, no. 290, no. 4, no. K155, no. 230 to [longxiang bridge] station, 200 to the west.

Take 801 road, 55 road, 251(night line) road, 52 road, Y8 road, 12 road, 290 road, Y9 road, 900 road, 31 road, 216 road, 56 road, 206(night line) road, 212 road, 188 road, K155 road to the [victory theatre] station along yanan road to the south 100 meters to the intersection of pinghai 300 west.

Nearby subway station:

Take subway line 1 to longxiangqiao station, 200 west from exit C4.

Music Fountain In West Lake

The overall transformation

1/ renovation time: October 8, 2015 -- April 30, 2016

2/ introduction: music fountain in west lake was built in 2003. Due to high performance frequency and high damage rate, music fountain has been aging in equipment materials, hardware and software of the control system and other aspects.In 2007, 2008, 2011, west lake music fountain has been upgraded and renovated, but it is a small repair, where there is a problem to repair where.

This transformation is mainly to comprehensively transform the fountain control system, such as adding gas explosion fountain, matrix pneumatic water film fountain, arc frequency conversion fountain, as well as servo two-dimensional numerical control fountain, high-power LED lamp, etc., so as to make music fountain more pattern and more advanced technology.

Air blast fountains, by compressed air, the water column to the height, looks more majestic, surging, but also can hear the sound of air waves.Compared with previous water pump fountains, the water column rhythm is more crisp and the water outlet speed is faster;Matrix pneumatic water film fountain and arc variable frequency fountain add new water pattern to music fountain.Servo 2d CNC fountain, can control the fountain head universal swing, is the most advanced technology;The installation of high-power LED lights, through the single point control of each LED light, can achieve light running, flashing and infinite color change, so that the music fountain performance effect, artistic appeal more rich.

Fountain songs will also change.Music fountain of west lake has changed its repertoire for many times. At present, there are "the west lake on earth", "wait a thousand years", "west lake spring", "broken bridge", as well as the world famous song "blue Danube", "scabro market" and so on.When the music fountain reopens, lakeside management will consider changing some of its songs, but classics that have long been popular, such as "butterfly lovers," will remain.

Music Fountain In West Lake

Related Events

In December 2017, the copyright infringement case related to music fountain in west lake of hangzhou was included in one of the most noteworthy copyright cases in 2017.The court held that the effect of the jet performance claimed by the plaintiff was within the scope of copyright protection.The court ordered the two defendants to stop the infringement, stop using the music fountain works created by the plaintiff Beijing zhongke waterscape technology co., LTD., which are titled "tianguo tiangcheng" and "the street where the wind lives". The court issued a public apology, compensated for economic losses and reasonably spent 90,000 yuan in the lawsuit.

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Originally published 29 Nov 2018, updated 29 Nov 2018.

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