Music fountain control system

29 Aug 2020

Among them, the music fountain system has become an important part of the urban landscape construction with the unique effect of combining sound, light, water and color. At present, many squares or parks in large, medium and small cities are designed with musical fountains. Various fountains, colorful lights and beautiful music form a pleasant night scene that attracts people, making the musical fountain system increasingly popularized and applied.

The general music fountain system is mainly composed of audio control system, fountain control system and lighting control system. As the core brain of the whole system, it is the control system, which is usually composed of fountain controller, frequency converter, water pump, multi-function valve, universal nozzle and water supply pipe network. The fountain water pump has adopted frequency conversion speed regulation technology to realize the stepless regulation of the water pump. The speed of the water pump can be adjusted at any time according to the strength of the audio signal. The multi-function valve and the universal nozzle are controlled by the fountain special controller, which can realize various patterns and shapes according to the set program.

What are the components of the music fountain control system?

Due to the rapid and beautiful development of the city, the decoration of the city is not only limited to sculptures, but also includes musical fountains. So, what do you know about musical fountains? It doesn't matter if you only have seen it but can't tell it. Next, Shijiazhuang Lanting Garden Engineering Co., Ltd. will come to talk to everyone about the music fountain.

Musical fountain is a fountain that can be used for entertainment. It is designed according to aesthetics and often produces three-dimensional effects. In this process, the water flow is scattered and refracted under manipulation, and then a three-dimensional image is produced.

The musical performance fountain is based on the program-controlled fountain, adding a musical fountain control system (this control system will be described in detail below, but it will not be described here). The computer decodes and encodes the audio and MIDI signals, and then outputs the signals to the control system to synchronize the changes in the shape and lighting of the fountain with the music, so as to achieve a complete combination of the changes in the water type, light color and musical emotion of the fountain. The performance is more vivid and rich in content, reflecting the art of water.

Music fountain control system

The components of the music fountain control system include:

(1) Intelligent terminal used to send remote control signal of background music played by music fountain;

(2) Bluetooth module to receive remote audio signals;

(3) A storage unit that stores the remote audio signal received by the Bluetooth module;

(4) GSM module that receives remote control signals;

(5) The keyboard module used to control the current playing sequence of the music fountain background music through local operation;

(6) Inverter, used to output three-phase voltage that controls the motor speed of the musical fountain to change the height of the fountain's water column;

(7) Local audio interface, directly connected with the inverter;

(8) The control module is connected to the Bluetooth module, storage unit, GSM module, keyboard module, inverter, local audio interface and display module, and is used to control the three-phase voltage output by the inverter according to the local audio input or remote audio signal.

The working principle of the music fountain control system: the software uses the physical waveform of the music file to divide it into several music fragments, with an accuracy of up to 10 milliseconds, and automatically recognizes the basic emotional characteristics of the music, such as shock, desire, lyricism, excitement, sadness, Happiness, enthusiasm, etc., and convert them into control signals. After synchronization, they are output to a specific external control unit through a signal output card. That is, according to the water configuration rules, the submersible pumps, solenoid valves, underwater lights, frequency converters and other actuators are controlled to combine vision and hearing.

In short, the music fountain changes with the music, adding a magnificent visual and auditory feast to the people in the city at night, and it is a rather romantic and leisurely entertainment project in the fast-paced city life at night.

With the rapid development of the large-scale musical fountain industry, people's requirements for the electrical control technology of the fountain are constantly increasing. In this situation, how to reasonably select high-tech control systems and control methods to improve the effect of the entire large-scale musical fountain And quality has become a problem that everyone in the industry needs to face and solve.

PART.1: Overview of the large musical fountain

Music fountain control system

According to the control form, fountains can be divided into music-controlled fountains, program-controlled fountains, and manual-controlled fountains. Music-controlled fountains are fountains that use playing or live music signals to control fountains and lights. According to a special music fountain control system, the water spray shape is changed and The change of lighting changes with the rhythm of the music and the fluctuations of the melody. It is wonderful, and the synchronization rate can reach 0.03 seconds. It can be controlled in real time or edited. The program-controlled fountain changes the spray shape according to the pre-edited program. As with fountains with changing lighting colors, the program can generally be modified at any time, and various programs can also be stored and called at will; manual control of the fountain is to control the water type of the fountain through a human control switch. Modern fountain projects seldom use it. The small fountain adopts this control method.

PART.2: Common control methods of large musical fountain control system

1. Centralized control system The centralized control system adopts the radial layout, which can meet the requirements of the control room near the pond, the smaller scale, and the music fountain with less flower pattern changes. When the pond is far away from the control center, the wire and line of the project Investment will also increase.

2. Fieldbus control system. Fieldbus is a serial numerical communication link, which communicates the connection between the basic control equipment of the fountain and the superior control equipment. Fieldbus has the following advantages: One transmission line can control more The more simple equipment makes the control system simpler, which shortens the period of project construction, and makes installation and maintenance easier; adopts digital communication technology, which has strong anti-interference and high precision; the control effect is separated to the fountain site, which improves the electronic control system Reliability and flexibility.

3. Collect the fieldbus control system. Compared with the fieldbus layout, the collection fieldbus layout has improved performance and better invariability. The main features are shown in the following aspects: It can make large musical fountains electronically controlled The system runs faster, meets the requirements for the timely control of the music fountain, and has good variability. Because there are many types of collection and connection layouts, it can support bus type and radial type, and it can also confuse the layout. The main difference between collection fieldbus and fieldbus is The collection fieldbus adopts a dedicated collection operating system to ensure the mutual operation of collection devices.

Music fountain control system


Originally published 29 Aug 2020, updated 29 Aug 2020.

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