Music dancing fountain pump

09 Jun 2020

The water pressure is generally a water pump. The musical fountain is an artificially constructed plastic or natural spring pond, which sprays beautiful water postures for people to enjoy. The fountain is an important part of the garden. In modern gardens, in addition to the plant landscape, the fountain is also an important landscape. It is a kind of waterscape art, which embodies the combination of dynamic and static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere, giving people a beautiful enjoyment; at the same time, the fountain can also increase the air The content of negative ions plays a role in purifying air, increasing air humidity, and lowering the ambient temperature, etc., so it is very popular among people.

With the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people, urban construction has attracted more and more attention. Landscape architects gradually became independent from landscape design, urban planning design, architectural design, etc. and became a new profession. Compared to drastic urban planning, the skill of landscape architects lies in the elaborate pecks of the urban environment. The artificial fountain is one of the most typical representative works in the urban landscape. The artificial fountain I made this time was designed after careful observation and artificial summarization of artificial fountains in multiple tourist destinations. It can bring a more beautiful enjoyment to people's visual system.

The fountain pump unit is composed of four parts: water pump, submersible motor, water pipe and control switch. Zede water pump submersible pumps are mostly single-suction multistage vertical centrifugal pumps, submersible motors are closed water-filled wet, vertical three-phase squirrel cage asynchronous motors, and the motors and water pumps are directly connected by claw or single key cylinder couplings.

Music dancing fountain pump

1. The stainless steel fountain pump has automatic water injection function

2. The motor is self-circulating water-filled cooling.

3. Use cast iron or stainless steel to improve the corrosion resistance of the pump.

4. The impeller uses special materials to prevent the impeller from loosening.

5. The pump adopts stainless steel filter shield, three-phase four-wire cable.

6. Leakage protection measures: use fixed potential grounding device.

7. On the basis of the original ordinary pump, according to the requirements of the fountain special pump, the technology is continuously developed, and the processing materials are continuously improved, so that the fountain special pump can be started frequently, which is completely suitable for the use of musical fountains.

Special fountain pump's shell, overflow parts and external parts are made of cast iron or stainless steel, and it still retains the original fountain special pump performance. Use high-quality cold-rolled evening steel sheet as the motor material, increase the number of turns of the motor winding and the diameter of the diving wire, use the three-phase four-core wire as the special cable for the fountain, add the impeller anti-loose device, and use the imported anti-rust magnetic paint to coat the motor The cavity, through the above structural improvements, makes the submersible pump inertia small, responds to the fountain pump speed, and the bearing uses a high-performance special shaft to improve the insulation level, thereby meeting the needs of frequent starting of special musical fountains.

Music dancing fountain pump

What are the classification of diving motor?

Submersible motors are mainly used in combination with submersible motors and pumps, or by combining pump components directly from the shaft extension end of submersible motors to form a product that combines a pump and a pump. Dive into underground water or work in rivers, lakes, ocean waters and other occasions. Diving motors also have different classifications. About the classification of diving motors, the following is for you.

According to the internal structure of the submersible motor

Diving motors are divided into four basic structural forms: water-filled, oil-filled, shielded and dry.

Dry-type submersible motors-dry-type motors, the inner cavity is filled with air, similar to land-use motors, simple structure. The dry submersible motor and the pump are integrated into a dry submersible electric pump.

Oil-filled submersible motor-The motor is oil-filled and sealed, and the inner cavity is filled with insulating lubricant. The oil-filled submersible motor is combined with the pump to become an oil-filled submersible electric pump. Recommended reading: What brand of stainless steel submersible pump is good

Water-filled submersible motor-The inner cavity of the motor is filled with clean water or anti-rust lubricant. The water-filled submersible motor and pump form a water-filled submersible electric pump

Shielded submersible motor-The motor stator is made of non-magnetic stainless steel thin-walled shielding sleeve, end ring and casing. The sealed chamber is tightly closed and filled with solid filler. The shielded submersible motor and pump are integrated into a shielded submersible electric pump.

Music dancing fountain pump


Originally published 09 Jun 2020, updated 09 Jun 2020.

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