Laminar Musical Fountain

14 Mar 2019


Laminar Musical Fountain

The sparkling musical fountain, also known as the bright spring, when the sparkling fountain is spraying, the water column is arched, the whole is smooth and clean, the water column does not splash, and it is sprayed along the set track. The curved wave water column passes through the pool and hangs in the air. An elegant rainbow. The span of large-scale sparkling fountains can reach 8-10 meters. The span of small and medium-sized sparkling fountains can be set according to demand. It is often used as a combination of fountain landscape construction and swimming pool waterscape.

Laminar Musical Fountain


The excellent wave fountain water flow can exist in a long stream, and it can be connected end to end, like a crystal column. It can also be cut into a section of life-like jumping water by precise control of the electronic shutter. There is a certain interval in the middle. It can be continuous, can be intermittent, the chain is curved, the water column is single and high, small and bright, smooth and flawless, the net is like Jasper, bright and beautiful, beautiful. Built-in low-voltage intensity light source, the water body is bright, the light is accompanied by water waves, and if it is an optical fiber, it is splendid. This type of jet of sparkling fountains is known as the wave jumping spring. The wave-light spring can be adjusted according to the design idea. Under the control of the controller, it can jump freely like an elf. It is endless and flawless.

Laminar Musical Fountain


The number of installations of sparkling fountains and sparkling springs can be increased or decreased according to the actual needs of the environment. It can be formed in a single shape. The water column can jump from one pool to another. It can also be controlled by multiple combinations, and it can evolve into a beautiful and harmonious. The aerial water animation is fascinating. It can also be installed on the sidewalk, people walk through the water gate, the clothes are not wet, and the wonders are endless.

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Originally published 14 Mar 2019, updated 14 Mar 2019.

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