laminar deck jet water fountain manufacturer

12 Oct 2018

Description of laminar jet water fountain

Water spray rectified by a special device, like a glass rod to form an arc-like water column, the nozzle internally illuminated, so jet of water with a clear light.With light reflection effect sprayed the air flow along the trajectory, pending an elegant arc, shaped like arches.

laminar deck jet water fountain manufacturer

Application: walkway, swimming pool, musical fountain design, etc.

Sparkling springs can be mounted on the sidewalk, pedestrians and clothes from the arch is not too wet, I feel strange; also be combined into the scene, making the water column between the shuttle jump in the pool, the formation of Smart Water segment jumping group, creating a fairy-tale realm. Used in large swimming playgrounds, hotel lobbies, shopping centers, gardens, etc., to enhance the quality of space.

Colorful Laminar Jet Water Fountain Pool Decoration

Laminar Jet is a type of animated fountain for entertainment purposed, which creates an aesthetic. This is done by using water spray effects and Light or laser against water particles. In which water streams, activated in strategically-timed durations, refract and reflect the LED light. By doing so, a tree dimensional image is formed.

laminar deck jet water fountain manufacturer

Laminar Jet Water Fountain Advantages& Features

(1)Name: Swimming pool laminar water jet

(2)LED changeable color and sole color are available

(3)Special customized are accepted.

(4) popular among clients

(5)Easy installation

(6)Fountain maker with 7 years experience

(7)Customize accept

(8)Type:swimming pool fountains,musical fountain

(9)Use: swimming pool, garden

Function of laminar water jet fountain nozzles:

The fountain nozzle is very widely used in fountain design.

It can produce jets of different heights and in different directions by changing its angle and water pressure.

It is always used in fountains with height control and program control.

laminar deck jet water fountain manufacturer

Keywords: musical fountain

Originally published 12 Oct 2018, updated 12 Oct 2018.

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