Jieyang Musical Fountain

28 May 2019

Jieyang Music Fountain is a comprehensive large-scale waterscape performance system integrating music, fountain, laser, lighting, and sound. The Jieyang Music Fountain has invested more than 30 million yuan and is the largest floating platform in the world. It is also the highest and longest river musical fountain in China.

Jieyang Musical Fountain


Jieyang Lijiang Large Musical Fountain is located in the heart of the government office of Jieyang City, Guangdong Province. It is a comprehensive large-scale waterscape performance system integrating music fountain, laser, lighting, and sound. The construction of a large-scale music fountain in the Minjiang River is a strong push for the development of Jieyang by the Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, creating a “landscape city” in Jieyang, promoting the local history and culture of Jieyang, enhancing the cultural taste of the city, and creating a good place for tourism and leisure life for the general public. People's Heart Project."

Jieyang Musical Fountain

Evaluation and honor

Jieyang Music Fountain invested more than 30 million yuan and lasted for nearly half a year. It is the highest and longest river music fountain in China. The design of the project has broken through the traditional fountain technology at home and abroad, organically blending landscape engineering with advanced era culture and advanced artistic concepts and rich local cultural characteristics, carefully constructing and boldly innovating. The Lijiang Musical Fountain has created five “China’s No. 1”: First, “Height First”. Lijiang Music Fountain The main spray of the design is 188 meters, which is the first height in China. Followed by "the first area of the floating platform." The floating platform of the fountain is 290 meters long and 45 meters wide in the middle. The upper and lower floors cover a total area of 14,400 square meters. It is currently the world's largest floating platform. The third is “the first level of comprehensive technology”. The fourth is "running the momentum first." The fifth is “the first river floating platform fountain”.

The comprehensive large-scale waterscape performance of the Lijiang Musical Fountain is divided into three chapters: “Lotus Lotus”, “Amazing Tianyu” and “Tide of the Tide”, with a main spray and shape of 188 meters. The 20 kinds of water types, such as the "water lotus", "high-sounding advance", "sang love pillar", "a glimpse of the squad" and "the dragon swaying tail", together with the laser and music, constitute a magnificent waterscape.

Jieyang Musical Fountain

In order to build Jieyang into a “landscape city” as soon as possible, the leaders of Jieyang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government reviewed the situation and decided to introduce 3 billion yuan to transform and construct the urban area through extensive investigation and demonstration. It is planned to be completed in three years. The Lancang Music Fountain Construction Project, which echoes the 3 billion projects, is a major project to enhance the cultural taste of Jieyang City and promote the economic development on both sides of the Lancang River.

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Originally published 28 May 2019, updated 28 May 2019.

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