It turns out that they designed the world's largest music fountain

09 Nov 2018

You're no stranger to the musical fountain, but do you know where the world's largest and most spectacular musical fountain is? After watching the special effects master we are going to introduce today, you will know everything!

It turns out that they designed the world's largest music fountain

Jim Doyle, who won an academy award for technological achievement in 1992, is a veteran special effects artist who has more than 36 films and television special effects. His entertainment work includes the sun troupe, Tokyo's Domo center, universal studios, the lee o hotel, the sands hotel, the Mirage hotel in Las Vegas and treasure island, while he oversaw the special effects of more than 100 musicals and commercial television commercials. He got a firework permit in California, Nevada, and a federal high explosive permit.

Jim's projects include the Bellagio fountain in Las Vegas, the Wynn lake in Macau, the main torch for the 2002 Salt Lake City winter Olympics, the mirage volcanic landscape in Las Vegas, Las Vegas midtown, and the world's largest musical fountain, the UAE fountain in Dubai.

Jim Doyle is also chief technology officer at WET. Jim and his multidisciplinary team: concept designers, illustrators, animators, graphic designers, sports and interaction designers, cinematographers, photographers turn space into a visual experience. Water, fire, ice are being rebuilt with all sorts of limitless possibilities.

About WET company. WET, founded in 1983 by Fuller and two former Disney fantasy engineers Melanie Simon and Alan Robinson, started with money from 13 credit CARDS. Fuller's own small apartment was the company's first office, and Robinson's backyard was used for product trials.

Today, in a sprawling 140,000 square foot campus in Los Angeles, WET has high-tech chemistry and optics laboratories, a state-of-the-art woodworking shop and 45 custom machines. Every day, about 300 employees, including graphic designers, scientists, engineers, animators, and architects, work together on 18 to 21 projects. The projects will be operational within the next three years.

It turns out that they designed the world's largest music fountain WET has created more than 200 waterscapes and water dances around the world, from as little as one cup to the world's largest fountain, the Dubai Fountain, which opened in 2009. They used to be responsible for the eight-acre fountain, lighting, music, water dance large-scale choreography, the Olympic flame, and torch for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic winter games, and the entrance to the W hotel in Guangzhou across the three-story water wall. In combination with other natural elements, the WET features the application of fire, ice, light, and sound to create the humanistic essence that enables people to rediscover the human heart at the most basic level.

It turns out that they designed the world's largest music fountain

WET has won a number of international awards, including Fast Company Magazine's top 50 most innovative companies in 2010. The 2012 SET award of the entertainment industry council, the 2012 Korea Lishui expo gratitude award, and the Los Angeles architecture award presented by the Los Angeles business council.

It turns out that they designed the world's largest music fountain WET is committed to sustainable development, intelligent use of water, energy, and materials. In recent twenty-seven years, west has been the scene of the world-class creative pioneer of the industry, from the laminar flow, air compression technology, the technology of hydraulic jump, joint paving (invented the first surface appear and disappear in the square of the reciprocating fountain), underwater highlights, underwater robots, massively parallel output control system and simulation based on particle system visualization of waterscape and their effect under various environmental conditions.WET just completed its new 50,000 square feet of interior and exterior research center, followed by 60,000 square feet of state's most advanced manufacturing plant and the nearby 8,000 square feet design studio.

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Originally published 09 Nov 2018, updated 09 Nov 2018.

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