Indoor Water Curtain Wall Music Fountain Design

13 Jun 2020

In addition to rich visual enjoyment and pleasant hearing, it also has practical functions such as improving the landscape ecosystem, adjusting the microclimate, increasing local humidity and local cooling.

"Water curtain musical fountain design" is also a relatively unique form of waterscape design. Speaking of water curtains, when I remembered seeing a water curtain hole in Huaguo Mountain in the Journey to the West, I could enter another world through the water curtain. The water curtain is like the introduction of a crystal dream.

In the modern landscape, it can also create a hazy and romantic atmosphere for the space. The water curtain is relatively soft and quiet, and fully presents the dynamic aura of water. Just like the extraction and reorganization of "Rain", it can bring joyful and flexible space experience.

The common types of water curtains are: pipe-hole water curtains, pull-out water curtains, and digital water curtains.

Indoor Water Curtain Wall Music Fountain Design

The water curtain wall is a common artificial landscape. Because its size, height, and shape are similar to a wall, it is called a water curtain wall. This kind of number is currently very common in parks and indoors are generally used in relatively high-end places. In the home decoration, there are very few. The water curtain wall will give people a slightly spectacular feeling of the waterfall flowing down, like a small waterfall.

The tube hole type (hanging type) water curtain has different methods of tube hole vertical suspension and tooth mouth type. It can achieve the effect of crystal clear and crystal clear.

The vertical pipe hole type needs to consider the equality of the water pressure of the outlet head during the design and construction; the tooth mouth method, such as the flat mouth type or the tooth type exposed on the water surface, the width of the overflow port should be considered to calculate the appropriate amount of water.

Either way, it is necessary to consider the selection of the appropriate pump power, which can show different water curtain effects accordingly.

Water curtain wall design

To understand the design of the water curtain wall, we must first understand who the current basics are. The water curtain wall is suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration. It is ingeniously designed in office buildings, hotels, or sales halls, parks, etc. according to the principle of air naturally decomposing water molecules. The water curtain wall slows down the speed of the water flow according to the principle of the physical month, and achieves the effect of overcoming the noise of the flowing water, giving people the feeling of enjoying the waterfall flying down, making the effect of the water flow a kind of admirable artwork, giving a pleasant People's coastal atmosphere.

Pulling water curtain is also called hanging water curtain. Water flows up and down along the line body, which can achieve no sprinkling or splashing. Like pearls falling flat, forming a linear water curtain. Different line body distances, different choices of diversion materials, and many different effects are achieved. Among them, the fiber optic water curtain can change color remotely according to the design under the action of light, which is crystal and colorful. The drawstring water curtain can show its beautiful and quiet texture in the indoor atrium and other spaces. The construction of outdoor landscape has also been used more and more abundantly.

Indoor Water Curtain Wall Music Fountain Design

Digital water curtain, also known as digital/NC water curtain/graphic water curtain.Invented and designed by scientists from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Under the precise control of the computer, the flowing water wall can be controlled to display various patterns and text styles.The combination of art and technology is very novel, interesting and attractive.

Water curtain wall design classification

Outdoor water curtain wall practice: The most common and common water curtain wall is the kind of water curtain wall in the park. This kind of water curtain fountain will give people a feeling of a waterfall, and it will be a little spectacular. Of course, water curtain suppliers say, descriptionwhoever can use it indoors now depends on how it is designed.

The practice of indoor water curtain wall group one: If the indoor water curtain wall is designed, we need to pay attention to that the water does not stay and can not splash everywhere, so some indoor water curtain walls will choose two sides of the glass, with a fishing line in the middle, plus a small water pump and a number of tubes.

The second method of indoor water curtain wall group: only one glass is used, plus a small water pump. Then use a tube to pump the water to the upper end of the glass (the upper end of the glass uses a small aluminum alloy bar as a small platform for water to flow down), and the water flows down the glass.

Summary: Of course, the water curtain wall is also based on the three situations in the appeal. You can use your imagination. The design of the water curtain wall is roughly based on these three forms. The difference is appearance and lighting. Many water curtain fountain looks at the daytime. Not to mention its advantages, when the water flow will be affected by the lights at night, the water looks very beautiful.

Indoor Water Curtain Wall Music Fountain Design


Originally published 13 Jun 2020, updated 13 Jun 2020.

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