How to solve music fountain design problems

Nowadays,music fountain is more and more diverse. Every summer night comes, the wonderful combination of music and light beams can make the square instantly gather many citizens and tourists to come to enjoy audio-visual enjoyment. The design of square music fountain in different regions has different styles, which are mainly coordinated with local cultural characteristics, engineering landforms and other aspects. So, how much do you know about fountains? There will be some on-site problems during the maintenance design and construction of music fountain. Every music fountain is built differently, so the possible problems are different, but the ways to avoid them are roughly the same.

The bottom and wall of the music fountain pool should be specially designed after mechanical calculation according to the specific situation. The material of the waterproof layer of the bottom of the music fountain and the wall of the pool should be made of coils with better waterproof effect, such as ethylene-propylene waterproof cloth, chlorinated polyethylene waterproof coil, etc. The water inlet, overflow, and pump pit of the music fountain pool should be set in a relatively hidden place in the pool. The location of the pump pit and the pipe should be close to the power supply and water source. In the freezing area in winter, various methods of pool bottom and pool wall require consideration of drainage out of the pool in winter. Therefore, the drainage facilities of the music fountain pool must be easy to control manually.

Music fountain rely entirely on musical fountain equipment to produce water, and the control of water jets is the key link. Combining different methods will produce colorful changes. The music fountain arranged in the room is designed not too large for the water flow range. The nozzles are film-shaped, water-mist and aerated mixed type, and together with the control of lighting effects, it is colorful and can better set off the courtyard atmosphere.

The above introduction to "Solution to Music Fountain Design Problems" hope to help you understand the music fountain methods and avoid problems.

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