How to make very beautiful fountain with led light

A beautiful fountain

Materials: Three empty mineral water bottles, three hoses (if there are none, drinking straws will work, with lengths of 20, 30, and 40 cm), electric drill (any tool that can make small holes), the diameter of the drill bit and the hose Same outer diameter, scissors, glue.

Production process: The first step: First, let's make the fountain tank, use scissors to cut one of the bottles off the bottom of the bottle and leave the other half. Step 2: The next step is to drill. Two small holes must be drilled for each bottle cap, pay attention to safety. Step 3: Then buckle the first drilled cap upside down on the cap of the second bottle, and process the second cap through the hole drilled in the first cap, so as to ensure all The positions of the bottle caps are the same. Use the same method for the third bottle cap. Step 4: the parts are processed, we assemble them according to the following diagram (make sure that all interfaces are sealed, you can use glue to seal the interface between the tube and the cap; at the same time, make sure that the hose is in Appropriate height, refer to the assembly drawing). Step 5: Decorate the self-made fountain; Step 6: After beautification, a self-made Shiro fountain is completed. Take off the second bottle and fill it with water and see how it works?

LED fountain lights are new types of ornamental scenery lights installed in modern public places. They are usually installed in indoor or outdoor pools. Because the fountain lights are installed in the water, the requirements for waterproof and insulation performance are particularly high; at the same time, because of the light blocking performance of water, usually The luminous rate of the lamp is required to be particularly large. The current LED fountain lights all put an aluminum substrate with LED lights in a ring-shaped shell, and then use a flat glass sheet to compress the waterproof seal ring at the upper end of the shell.

Homemade fountain sounds very interesting, however, homemade fountains are only suitable for gardens and indoors, and those magnificent fountains will make your eyes shine.

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