How to make an maintain outdoor music fountain

29 Nov 2019

1.Plan your music fountain

Decide where you want to place your musical fountain, how large you want it to be and how you want it to look. These factors will all influence what materials you will need.

1). Your fountain will be composed of three main elements: a water reservoir, a water pump, and a design feature.

2). The location must have easy access to an electrical outlet or the ability to run an unobtrusive extension cord to power the pump.

3). The style is up to you. Go for something that works well with your existing landscaping and suits your personal taste.

2.Gather your supplies

1).A Reservoir. This can be any type of water-tight containers, such as a plastic tub or even plastic sheeting lining your reservoir hole if building underground. If building above ground, consider making the reservoir part of the design, such as half a wine barrel, as long as it will hold water.

2).Water pump. Pumps can be purchased from most home improvement or landscape supply stores. You will need a pump with enough power (measured in gallons per second) to push the water up to the fountainhead. Since this will vary based on your design, it is best to consult with someone with knowledge of pumps before purchasing.

3). Pipes and tubing. The pipes or tubing will deliver the water from the reservoir to the fountainhead. Many water pumps will come with tubing, but if not, or if you need something specific for your design (such as copper pipe), you will need to purchase it separately. Rubber tubing will be the easiest to work with.

4).Design features. These elements will depend entirely on your design, such as river stones or a sculpted fountainhead. If your fountainhead of choice does not already have a hole, you may need to drill one.

How to make an maintain outdoor music fountain

3.Assemble your outdoor water fountains parts

1). If building below ground, dig a hole that will fit the water reservoir snugly. Be sure to leave 2 inches (5 cm) of drainage gravel beneath the reservoir. If you wish to hide the power cord, you will need to dig a separate trench out from the reservoir hole.

2). Fit the pump in the reservoir before adding water. Ensure all tubing and power connections fit and function properly.

3).Add your design elements. The water pump should remain accessible for adjustment, repair, and cleaning, either by leaving an opening or door or with easy disassembly .

4).Fill the fountain with enough clean water to fully submerge the water pump and keep it submerged while in operation when water will be cycling through the upper part of the fountain.

4. Adjust water flow

Turn on the water pump (adjusting pressure if needed) and arrange the fountain's design elements to ensure the water returns to the reservoir. The look and sound of the fountain can also be adjusted this way by tweaking the angle of the fountainhead and any obstacles in the path of the water flow.

5. Enjoy your fountain

Hide any rough spots or visible mechanisms with design features such as stones or plants.

How to make an maintain outdoor music fountain

Also clean and maintain your fountains is very importance.

The sound of trickling water from a fountain provides an experience of tranquility to your out of doors space. Available in a broad variety of sizes, outdoor water fountains count number on submersible water pumps to constantly flow into the water in the fountain, preventing algae buildup and stagnation. Even with a continuously jogging water pool pump, however, your fountain can accumulate mineral deposits and debris, requiring regular cleaning and renovation to maintain it working smoothly.

Here is some suggestions for you by water show fountain:

1.Check the water level frequently and add greater water as needed, making positive to preserve the water pump protected with water at all times. Use distilled water, if possible, to decrease the quantity of mineral buildup in the fountain and on the water pump.

2.Remove debris, such as leaves, twigs and insects, from the water countless instances a week, the use of a small net. Check the water pump to do away with any debris that might clog it, preventing it from circulating water properly.

3.Unplug the pump and drain the water from the fountain at least once monthly or when the water appears dirty. Most outdoor water fountains have a small plug on the bottom to make draining easy, in any other case scoop or siphon the water with a piece of tubing.

4.Remove the pump from the fountain and soak in a 50 percent solution of diluted distilled white vinegar to loosen difficult mineral stains. Wipe the backyard with a tender cloth.

5.Remove the pump cover and dispose of any giant particles from the inner with your hands. Use an ancient toothbrush to smooth and do away with small deposits of algae and mineral buildup in hard-to-reach areas. Rinse absolutely and change the pump cover.

6.Scrub the inner of the fountain with a stiff-bristled scrub brush, hot water and slight dish detergent. If needed, use vinegar to soak off mineral stains or baking soda, which acts as a moderate abrasive to loosen and raise stains.

7.Rinse the inside of the water fountain thoroughly, wiping with a rag to make sure the fountain walls are definitely free of detergent.

How to make an maintain outdoor music fountain

8.Replace the plug and fill the fountain with distilled water containing fewer minerals than tap water, if possible. For larger outdoor water fountains requiring a lot of water, add a few teaspoons of chlorine bleach to tap water or deal with the water with a fountain enzyme product designed to stop mineral and algae buildup. Use only about one teaspoon of bleach for smaller fountains.

9.Put the pool pump returned in the water, plug it into an electrical outlet and flip it on to start circulating the water.

10.Drain, clean, disassemble and store your fountain indoors from early fall to spring if you stay in an vicinity with frost threat in which you can't operate the fountain year-round.


1.When cleansing powder-coated copper fountains, defend the coat with automobile wax after cleaning and drying the fountain. You can use furnishings polish to clean natural copper fountains.

2.Vinegar is usually high quality at getting rid of calcium and lime buildup when the fountain is cleaned regularly. For extreme buildup, however, a distinctive calcium, lime and rust elimination product can assist fix the original beauty of the fountain. Never use vinegar or calcium, lime and rust cleaners on natural copper fountains because these eliminate the copper patina finish.

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Originally published 29 Nov 2019, updated 29 Nov 2019.

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