How To Make A Dancing Musical Fountain

04 Jul 2019

We are an original fountain manufacturer focus in fountain for 15 years, in some communication with new customers, they would ask: which part is necessary in a fountain? So What I present below are the requirements that we need to start working on our musical fountain project.

1.Fountain nozzles:In beginning we need to confirm the number, location,height,type and departure angle of all the water jets that are in the cybernetic fountain. The arrangement of the nozzles is crucially that we can define one or another water choreography for the dancing fountain.

How To Make A Dancing Musical Fountain

2.Water pump.It is essential to consider the following points:

1).Choosing dry pumps or submersible pumps,it depends on which type of musical fountain you’re making

2).Nozzles fed by each water pump. This choice is critical for the further development of the aquatic choreography that could be performed by the dancing fountain.

3).Choice of pump power: once we have chosen the type of pump (submerged or dry) and the nozzles, the power of these bombs. will be determined by the pressure and flow data that have to be provided to the nozzles. This information is contained in the product data sheet of each of our nozzles.

4).Confirm the pumps will be controlled by a frequency converter or if instead will be direct starting. If you want the water jets to ascend and descend in a controlled way, we will choose a frequency converter, descriptionif this issue is not necessary, we will opt for a direct starting water pump. That reduces programming complexity and cheapens much the electric part of the project, as frequency converters are expensive items.

How To Make A Dancing Musical Fountain

3.Solenoid valves:we must determine which nozzles will be controlled by solenoid valves (submersible or not) because this will determine the interactivity with each water jet and ultimately the dynamism of the musical fountain. Although the ideal choice is that each nozzle has its own solenoid valve, this can also be done by submersible pumps

The last article introduced what constitutes a musical fountain let’s continue now.

4.Fountain lighting. When facing cybernetic fountain lighting, we must consider the following considerations:

How To Make A Dancing Musical Fountain

1):Determine the type submersible lights: choosing between LED (white or RGB) or filament (white or color using filters) with the advantages and disadvantages of each two options.

2):Deciding the layout of the underwater lights: the lights electric groups determine the possibilities of enlightenment, you can control each water jet color separately or perform different combinations. The more control you have over each light, more options when setting the musical fountain, but also the cost of the DMX Control Panel, will increase.

3):Decide the number of lights that will go into the fountain so that, as a overall purpose, the decorative lighting exceeds the environmental.

How To Make A Dancing Musical Fountain

5.Fountain accessories: All other accessories of the dancing fountain, common to any other facility such as the anemometer or level control, should be considered in order to design the control panel.

Above of all is a musical fountain including parts,in this post we summarize what are the steps to be followed in order to get, in a technical and commercial way, the development of a dancing fountain.

How To Make A Dancing Musical Fountain

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Originally published 04 Jul 2019, updated 04 Jul 2019.

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