How To Keep Your Nusical Fountain’s Water Level Perfect

19 Jan 2019

Owning a water musical fountain can be one of the best ways to transform your yard into a tranquil paradise. Unfortunately, this tranquility can require some necessary maintenance to be performed if you expect to keep your water feature operational.

Watch Your Water Level

Water levels in particular must be watched to ensure they do not drop below your pump's intake tube. Your water levels can drop for many reasons. As a responsible fountain owner, you are going to need to figure out what is responsible for your dropped levels.


When the summer months get into full swing, you may notice that your fountain’s water level recedes faster than usual. This is normal and is the result of simple evaporation. As the sun’s heat reacts with the water it heats it up until it is transformed into a microscopic mist. This mist then rises and is absorbed by the clouds to later return as rain.


If you are experiencing excessive water loss you should check for leaks. Leaks can occur without warning and even the smallest leak can eventually become a nuisance. If you find a leak be sure to fill it with a fountain repair kit before the damage spreads.

How To Keep Your Nusical Fountain’s Water Level Perfect


Don't forget your water fountain can sometimes be a watering hole for birds, deer, and other woodland creatures in need of a refreshing drink. It can be a great sight to see a fawn peacefully lapping water from your fountain but it can also be the main reason your water levels are dropping. Birds can lower your water levels while bathing as they splash a lot of water out of the basin. This is one of the perks of fountain ownership but it is also another reason to not slack on your water level maintenance routine.


Wind is the most common reason for water loss in medium-sized multi-tier fountains. The winds kick up and because of the thin and raised levels of the tiers, the water can be easily pushed off course before reaching the lower basin.

How To Keep Your Nusical Fountain’s Water Level Perfect

Pump Damage

The main reason to keep your water fountain's levels full is that your pump will burn out if the water level drops below the intake. This can happen quickly and replacing a water fountain pump can be a costly repair.

Manual Water Level Solutions

As a responsible water feature owner you should put aside time to ensure your fountain is cared for properly. Identify the recommended water line and keep tabs on your levels to ensure they don’t drop. Add water as needed and avoid using chemicals as animals may be using your fountain as a drinking fountain.

How To Keep Your Nusical Fountain’s Water Level Perfect

Automatic Water Level Solutions

Manufacturers have recognized the need for a better solution to water level maintenance woes. They have begun offering consumers an automatic water refill device.

This handy device works similar to a float found in your common latrine. The concept is pretty simplistic and easy to install. As water levels raise and lower, they control a bobber and when the bobber drops below the certain predetermined level, fresh water is added automatically. No more fiddling with your garden hose on a hot summer afternoon. Now you can keep your water fountain at the perfect water level all the time.

Adding a fountain to your home or garden is always a great idea but only if you are ready to accept the responsibilities that come with fountain ownership. An automatic refill system is a fantastic way to make sure your investment is protected.

Continue Monitoring Your Levels

It’s important that you still monitor your water fountain closely for any signs of damage. An auto- refill device does make owning a water fountain much easier but if you don't check for leaks periodically, you run the risk of receiving an extraordinarily high electric bill from a leaking fountain continuously being filled.

How to Keep your Water Fountains Level Perfect - Final Thoughts

You should never expect any feature to completely remove you from the water fountain equation but you can make fountain ownership as easy and relaxing as possible. Now that you have a better understanding of your options you are ready to start considering what type of fountaineer you are. Isn't that what owning a fountain is all about in the first place? Everyone loves feeling the energy of flowing water in the confines of their home or garden.

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Originally published 19 Jan 2019, updated 19 Jan 2019.

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