How to improve the utilization rate of music fountain

It is not an easy task to build a good music fountain, which involves various technologies such as plastic art design, computer control technology, fluid mechanics, and mechanical design.The first element is to grasp the development of the overall structure layout fountain can be used as a relatively complex engineering project in the research and design of enterprise products. Starting from the perspective analysis, the overall strategic planning is made around the spatial position of the fountain, the impact on the building and natural ecological landscape, etc., and the relationship between different production factor markets such as fountains, landscapes, and audiences is coordinated, so that the fountain can be fully utilized and play an active role. , Improve the contrast effect of the fountain on the environment. The multiple scenic spots of the fountain company can use the waterscape connection to form an organic scenic spot, thus playing the role of inducing tourists to visit. Waterscapes can also be used to separate a scenic spot to form multiple independent but interconnected and echoing scenic spots, which can improve viewing value and interest.

Fountain equipment improves the climate of the community: waterscape projects can purify the air similar to the sea, forests, grasslands, rivers and lakes, making the air in the scenic spot cleaner, fresher and moister, so that tourists can feel comfortable, refreshed, and eliminate irritability. Music fountain is a kind of movable fountain created for entertainment. A system that can control music is added to the fountain. The computer recognizes the audio signal and finally controls the system to make the perfect combination of light, color and music, and produce a three-dimensional picture according to the aesthetic design. For the overall layout, students need a professional technical team of teachers to design the overall social plan according to the national geographical location and spatial location of the fountain construction, and compare the required effects of the surrounding landscape. The second element is to grasp the background of music activities. The fountain needs to understand the cooperation of music. With the help of various shapes of water flow, it can be effectively managed to play the role of the fountain and achieve the effect of the landscape.

In the process of fountain design capacity building, it is necessary to take the background of music knowledge as an important ideological content of our country, combine the characteristics of the local national cultural industry, and consider the need to continuously introduce the music background to reflect the unique cultural charm and enhance the inner spirit of the primary school music fountain. value. For example, when the fountain of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xi’an invites a team of foreign professional music fountain designers to cooperate in optimizing the design infrastructure, the music background of the Chinese people’s cultural tourism characteristics is included in the core resource elements, and folk customs such as "Blessings of Love", "Backgammon" and "Joyful" are used. The song is the music background, setting the shape of the fountain, the direction of the nozzle, the height of the water flow, the stop time, etc. The third element is to do a good job with network equipment. Fountains are an important part of urban landscapes and park landscapes. They need the help of electronic equipment to achieve normal operation.

From the perspective of the equipment required by the fountain, it needs to provide auxiliary nozzles, water pumps, audio, electronic control equipment, computing codes and other equipment to ensure the normal operation of the fountain. In the design of the fountain, the effective cooperation between the equipment is the key to the rational use of the fountain design. Only good equipment, a good operating safety environment, and suitable equipment connection can improve the service life of the fountain in a more effective way and reduce operation and maintenance. cost and increase return on investment.

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