How to design music fountain

music fountain is an indispensable important element in garden landscape. Chinese classical garden landscape advocates landscapes, so the music fountain has become an indispensable element in the current landscape design. There are many types of music fountains, and there are many types of music fountain devices. Different surrounding buildings make the music fountain design more perfect. Urban fountain companies are generally designed in cities with conspicuous places.

This group of fountains are mainly used in various large water playgrounds and hotels or shopping malls, building lobbies, gardens, etc., to enhance the quality and beauty of the overall space, and create a noble, elegant and fashionable cultural atmosphere. At the same time, it also moisturizes the air and protects the environment.

Therefore, you must pay special attention to the design of the music fountain style. The music fountain design mainly uses the inverter to achieve changes in the control rhythm. The most widely used is music fountain, with diverse forms, dynamic rhythms, and changing lighting effects, giving people the most intuitive feelings. The dynamic feeling of water makes people feel the beauty of dynamic dynamic, so the rhythm of the music fountain is very important. The rhythm of music is constantly changing, fast and slow, the effect of water columns and changes in lights must also change with a unified rhythm, allowing you to experience the charm of music fountains in the unified rhythm and the dynamic beauty of experiencing music fountains. point. Try to make the rhythm change as much as possible. It can be combined with the characteristics of the city to fully integrate into the characteristics of the city. The lighting design must also be rich, experience more fun in continuous changes, and feel the charm of music fountains.

In urban gardens, music fountain is for the needs of landscape design. Generally speaking, artificial water attractions can be divided into two categories: one is adapt to local conditions. According to the terrain structure of the site, imitate natural water scenery, such as wall spring, spring water, fog springs, pipelines, streams, waterfalls, water curtains, and fall. Water, water waves, vortex, etc.

The second is to rely on fountain equipment to make artificial landscapes. This kind of water scenic fountain is widely used in urban construction. The development speed is fast and there are many types. Watercolor Fountain Factory: Music Fountain, Large Fountain, Sub -Control Fountain, Running Fountain, Bright Fountain, Fun Fountain, Screaming Fountain, Ultra -high Fountain, Laser Water Screen Movie, etc.

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