How To Control The Splash Of A Garden Fountain

14 Jun 2019

A bubbling fountain in a well-manicured garden becomes the crowning jewel of a home's outdoor appeal. Install a geyser-style fountain with constant splashing and your yard will have a theme-park feel. This natural focal point sets the tone for the whole yard, so it is important to limit splashing. When a musical fountain splashes too much, you risk burning up your submersible pump -- a pricey mistake.

How To Control The Splash Of A Garden Fountain

Create the right sound and water stream by adjusting the fountain or pump. Verify the fountain is level. Splashing could indicate an uneven or tilted fountain. Place a level on the fountain's edge. Look at the level bubble. Ideally, the bubble will rest in the center of the fluid. Too much to the left or right and you need to level out the fountain. Remove the fountain and level the ground under it. Clear away any obstacles that may make the fountain rest crooked. Reposition the fountain until the level indicates evenness.

Check the water level in the fountain. Musical fountains with too little or too much water will splash. Turn off the fountain and allow the water to stop flowing. Look at the water level. The water should be half full or more, but not higher than 1 1/2 inches from the rim of the fountain. Add or remove water, then turn on the fountain.

How To Control The Splash Of A Garden Fountain

Place a piece of screen in the bottom of the fountain basin. Waterfall style fountains can splash upwards but a screen will limit the return flow. Center a screen in the base to prevent the up-splash.

Turn off the fountain pump. Place your hand on the side of the pump and feel for the control dial. It may have a slide wheel or timer handle type control. Adjust the splash by controlling the force of the fountain. Turn the wheel, then turn on the pump. Look at the fountain. Continue to adjust the wheel until you have minimal splashing.

Place smooth rocks in the bottom of the fountain to prevent splashing. When water hits the rocks, it diffuses the splashing.

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Originally published 14 Jun 2019, updated 14 Jun 2019.

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