How To Clean & Maintain Outdoor Musical Fountains

25 Apr 2019

1. Always check the water level and add more water as needed to ensure that the water is always kept. If possible, use distilled water to reduce the amount of mineral musical fountain and water pump.

2. Use a small net, every week from the water to remove debris, such as leaves, branches and insects, several times. Check the pump to remove any debris that may be clogged to prevent it from circulating normally.

3. Unplug the pump and drain the water from the fountain at least once a month or when the water is dirty. Most musical fountains have a small plug at the bottom that makes drainage easy, otherwise, use a pipe to scoop or siphon water.

How To Clean & Maintain Outdoor Musical Fountains

4. Remove the pump from the fountain and soak in a 50% diluted distilled white vinegar solution to loosen the tough mineral stains. Wipe the outside with a soft cloth.

5. Remove the pump cover and remove any large debris from the inside. Use the old toothbrush to clean and remove small amounts of algae and mineral accumulators in areas that are difficult to reach. Rinse and replace the pump cover thoroughly.

6. Rinse the fountain with a bristle brush, hot water, and mild dishwashing. If necessary, use vinegar soaked mineral stains or baking soda as a slightly abrasive, loosening and lifting stains.

How To Clean & Maintain Outdoor Musical Fountains

7. Rinse the fountain thoroughly and wipe it with a rag to ensure that the fountain wall is completely free of detergent.

8. If possible, replace the plug and fill the fountain with tap water containing less mineral water. For larger fountains that require large amounts of water, add several drops of chlorine bleach to tap water or treat water with a fountain enzyme product designed to prevent the accumulation of minerals and algae. For smaller fountains, use only one teaspoon of bleach.

Pour the pump into the water, insert it into the power outlet and open it to start circulating water.

How To Clean & Maintain Outdoor Musical Fountains

10. If you live in a frosty area, you can not from the early autumn to spring, the indoor fountain, clean, disassemble and store in the room.

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Originally published 25 Apr 2019, updated 25 Apr 2019.

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