How To Choose The Perfect Musical Fountain

11 Jan 2019

Learning how to choose the perfect musical fountain for your home, garden, or patio can be a great way to ensure you get the most out of your water feature. A well-placed water feature can be an excellent addition to any home or garden. The feeling running water brings to your property is refreshing and few yard additions compete with the entertainment value of an elegant waterfall.

People aren’t the only ones who love water fountains and you may find that your water fountain becomes a popular destination for birds looking to take a quick bath or thirsty deer. This is just one of the many perks of fountain ownership.

How To Choose The Perfect Musical Fountain

Choosing the perfect water fountain for your home can help you to bring the feeling of the outdoors right into your living space. Indoor fountains come with a variety of options with many including LED lighting systems to accent your décor in low light situations. Wireless remotes are also common among high-end indoor water features.

There is no shortage of fountain option available to you and with just a little research; you can have a firm understanding of what style of a fountain is best needed to transform your property into an invigorating relaxation zone. Below are the 5 most important things to consider when choosing a water fountain for your home or yard.

How To Choose The Perfect Musical Fountain

Fountain Design

The first thing to consider is what type of fountain design fits your décor. To figure this out you must first evaluate your overall décor motif. You should decide whether you want to use your water fountain as a centerpiece or as an accent. Centerpiece water fountains will have a 360-degree design whereas an accent water fountain may be specifically designed to fit in a corner or against a wall.

How To Choose The Perfect Musical Fountain

Consider how often you plan to entertain people and how these groups will move about the water fountain. You don’t want to block traffic or place your fountain in an inconvenient location that causes people to have to negotiate around it.

Every fountain produces a different sound and depending on where you want to place your water feature, you may want to get a quieter unit that will not disturb conversations. This is usually the case with indoor water fountains where loud water can quickly turn from relaxation to frustration.


Weight is one of the most important factors to consider, especially when placing a water fountain on your patio. Heavier cast iron or stone fountains may be too much weight for your porch to handle if it is constructed from wood.

How To Choose The Perfect Musical Fountain

Fiberglass fountains, like Duck Nest Rainforest Fountain With White LED Lights (please see image above), are the best move for wooden patios as they are much lighter and can even be moved inside during the winter months. This is going to give you the maximum flexibility while saving you some cash.

Overall Size and Shape

Now that you know where you want to put your fountain, you are ready to consider the size and shape of the fountain you want. To make this decision you need to think about your fountains purpose. Will your fountain be the centerpiece of your décor? If so, you are going to want to choose a larger water feature.

Large water features make a luxurious statement that can be the perfect conversation starter for an elegant gathering. Some of the most elegant decors also utilize smaller fountains in a manner that rivals their larger counterparts. It’s all about what fits your lifestyle.

How To Choose The Perfect Musical Fountain

Focal Point

Making your fountain the centerpiece of your design can be a great way to maximize your fountains elegance. Multi-tiered fountains are perfect for this task as they are not only appealing to the eye but their sounds can have a tranquilizing effect on any observer.


The last thing to consider is your fountains splash radius. All fountains create some form of splash and depending on where you intend to place your fountain; this could create a potential slipping hazard if water gets onto tile or other flat surfaces. To avoid this consider how much flow you want in your fountain. You can always reduce splash by reducing flow.

How to Choose the Perfect Fountain - Final Thoughts

You are now ready to go out and choose the perfect fountain for your home and garden. Stick to the tips in this guide and you are guaranteed to come home with a water feature that you can be proud of.

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Originally published 11 Jan 2019, updated 11 Jan 2019.

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