How to choose the nozzle of the musical fountain

How to choose the nozzle of the musical fountain

As the key to a waterscape fountain project, fountain design is an important part of the entire fountain project. While conceiving and designing the design plan, the fountain designers responsible for the engineering project Waterscape Company took into account that the shape of the fountain is determined by the fountain nozzle. Therefore, how to choose nozzles in the design of waterscape fountains and adopt suitable fountain nozzles to express the artistic conception of the design plan and achieve the effect of waterscape landscape is the method that fountain designers need to consider in detail.

In the fountain design process, the key is to confirm the required fountain nozzles according to the artistic conception expressed by the fountain, and consider the use conditions of different nozzles. At present, there are large differences in the quality of sprinklers in the Mainland, although the appearance is similar to similar foreign sprinklers. The structure, material, performance, craftsmanship, weight of the nozzle and surface coating of the fountain nozzle determine the smooth and stable jet flow of the nozzle, and affect the realization of the art of the waterscape fountain.

The fountain nozzle can preferably be made of brass or stainless steel. This kind of sprinkler is generally silvery or gold-like color, because this material has excellent corrosion resistance, and the service life is twice that of ordinary sprinklers. After confirming the main fountain water nozzles according to the design concept, it is still necessary to consider the water pressure, flow rate, spray height and spray diameter of the same nozzle of different models, as well as the type and installation size of the connecting pipe. These main factors are to be more careful and design when choosing the sprinkler, because it can avoid the design defects in the future construction of the fountain project, which will cause the project to be delayed. This has an impact on the design and construction of the waterscape company, as well as related stakeholders.

In the fountain design, the selection of fountain nozzles should also consider some external factors, such as wind, water quality and other actual construction site environment of the fountain. Most of the nozzles are transparent and colorless when spraying. If it is an indoor fountain design project, which has the characteristics of small wind, less gray, and quiet environment, you can choose hemispherical and morning glory nozzles with slender jets and steady sound; and if it is an outdoor square fountain design project, the surrounding environment is just the opposite. Compared with the styling design, firework nozzles, three-layered flowers and rotating nozzles are more suitable.

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