How to choose a suitable music fountain pump

29 Dec 2019

The musical fountain is an artificially shaped or natural spring pond, which sprays beautiful water for people to watch. The fountain is an important part of the garden. In modern gardens, in addition to the plant landscape, the fountain is also an important landscape. It is not only a kind of waterscape art, it reflects the combination of dynamic and static, forming a bright and lively atmosphere, giving people a beautiful enjoyment; at the same time, the fountain can also increase Negative ion content plays a role in purifying the air, increasing the humidity of the air, and lowering the ambient temperature, so it is deeply loved by people.

With the continuous improvement of the living standards of our people, urban construction has attracted more and more attention. Landscape architects have gradually become independent from landscape and garden design, urban planning and design, and have become a new profession. Compared with the drastic urban planning, the skill of the landscape designer lies in the meticulous care of the urban environment. The artificial fountain is one of the most representative works in the urban landscape. The artificial fountain I made this time was designed after careful observation and summary of several artificial fountains in tourist places. Can bring a more beautiful enjoyment to the human visual system.

How to choose a suitable music fountain pump

For a waterscape project, the fountain pump is like the heart of the waterscape project, so whether the capacity configuration of the fountain pump meets the needs of the waterscape project will directly affect the high-speed water supply and fountain operation efficiency, and even the normal operation of the entire waterscape project.

The capacity of a fountain pump is usually calculated in flow liters per hour (LPH). Large pumps are measured in watts (W). The manufacturer will provide a chart showing the corresponding fountain pump size and power as the head and flow increase. Because some pumps have been marked with flow, other fountain pumps only give letters or numbers, which requires reference to the chart.

If you want to determine how much water pump your waterfall project needs, you must first estimate the vertical height from the top of the fountain pump to the top of the waterfall. Note that some designers estimate the height from the top of the pool water. If the fountain pump is installed 60cm underwater, there will be a difference of 60cm in head. For large projects, the difference in water flow will be small, but it will be affected in small projects.

In waterscape design, the control of the capacity of the fountain pump often determines whether a project works normally.

For a long time, the pump industry has been highly competitive, and many developments have been uneven. Whether it is products or services, Watershow is a company that is always committed to products, services, and brands among many pump brand companies. Nuclear power, always keep the original intention, and continue to advance in the development and design of pumps.

How to choose a suitable music fountain pump

Guangdong Watershow Fountain Equipment Project Co.,Ltd is a global leader in stainless steel submersible pumps / submersible motors, a professional manufacturer of intelligent and silent water supply equipment. Watershow is committed to continuous improvement of pump technology, products and solutions. Service, branded with three cores, dedicated to the development of pumps and water systems, and providing customers with tailor-made solutions.

When selecting fountain pumps for landscape fountains, seawater fountains and other projects, you need to have a certain understanding of the specifications of the fountain pump. The specifications of the fountain pump mainly refer to the relevant content of the product's flow head, etc. For those customers who need to know in detail, The editors of Youfu Pump Industry compiled related articles for reference of our customers.

Technical Parameters:

Flow Q: up to 750m3 / h

Head H: up to 510m

Power P: up to 400kW

Liquid temperature: -5 ℃ -40 ℃

Performance and advantages:

1. Low noise, no pollution, high efficiency

2. small size, save space, support horizontal installation

3. Wide range of material options

4. Sand content≤350 g / m3

About the parameters and specifications of Watershow fountain pumps, as well as the performance advantages, the above is an inductive summary of Watershow.

Guangdong Watershow Fountain Equipment Project Co.,Ltd, as a manufacturer of pumps, takes integrity, innovation and internationalization as its tenet, strives to make every pump the best, treats every customer as the most important user.

How to choose a suitable music fountain pump

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Originally published 29 Dec 2019, updated 29 Dec 2019.

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