How to choose a song for music fountain

17 Nov 2022

Music fountain is a new art form. The art of fountain music is based on water and light, and the music is displayed in front of the audience in the form of water dance. Fountain music is an artistic re-creation with music and dance as the soul. Fountain music and fountain design creativity are equally important, it is the last process of fountain engineering, plays the role of finishing touch, directly determines the success or failure of fountain works.

The steps of fountain composition are divided into preparatory work and composition.

How to choose a song for music fountain

1. Preparatory work before composing

Song selection stage. After the design and construction of the fountain is completed, it enters the stage of composing music. The first task is to select the music. At this stage, it is necessary to communicate with Party A. Usually, Party A will give the composer of the fountain a fountain music list. The music in the list can be roughly divided into five categories, the main theme music, folk music, Domestic pop music, western classical music, western pop music. Different fountains have different emphases. Municipal fountains usually follow the above five types of music, focusing on the main theme and national music. Municipal fountains especially have corresponding social responsibilities and obligations. The goal of the commercial fountain is very clear, focusing on expressive modern music and highlighting commercial value. With the slowdown of large-scale municipal construction, the proportion of commercial waterscapes has increased year by year, which is also an inevitable trend in the development of waterscapes. It is impossible to design everything, so it is necessary to focus on the selection of songs. There is such a concept in ancient Chinese garden design - "skillful use of borrowing", and the existing resources should be used skillfully. For example, an asymmetric, modern-style design has a natural deficiency in expressing Eastern and Western classic music, but this is often a must-choice song. When selecting songs, try to choose a music version with a modern style, and try to Learn from each other's strengths and make up for your weaknesses, and put more thought into it. When you meet a suitable track, play it boldly and strive to be outstanding.

How to choose a song for music fountain

Have a deep and accurate understanding of design intent. Composers must first have a deep understanding of the fountain project and understand the design intent of the fountain. A large fountain is often decided after several meetings and discussions. Some designs have very clear intentions and are clear at a glance; some designs are 'flat'; In many cases, Party A themselves are not very clear about what they want, and they must be good at helping them sort out their ideas. You must have a clear and accurate understanding of the local cultural environment and the audience's aesthetic tendencies.

Have an accurate knowledge of the performance of all fountain equipment. The frequency conversion parameter settings used in the fountain, water pumps, digital control nozzles, variable nozzles, etc., as well as pipeline conditions, water outlet speed, underwater lights, floodlights, laser effects, etc., must be tested by yourself. Before composing, I knew the equipment like the back of my hand. Large-scale fountains are usually a combination of geometric figures such as rings, arcs, straight lines, and matrices. Composers must be familiar with these, such as the combination of rings and rings, and the combination of rings and arcs. Usually, the water type in the design can be divided into the protagonist and the supporting role, and the relationship between the leading role and the supporting role should be properly handled.

How to choose a song for music fountain

2. Fountain accompaniment

The choice of arrangement perspective. Each fountain has a best viewing angle. To understand a fountain, you must first find the best viewing point. Composers use this as the viewing angle to arrange, and at the same time take into account the other two to three viewing angles. If there are tall buildings next to it, the overlooking effect should be considered. The viewing angle of fountain music should not be comprehensive. On the basis of highlighting the main viewing angle, take into account other viewing angles.


Originally published 17 Nov 2022, updated 17 Nov 2022.

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