How the musical fountain works

Musical fountain principle:Change the frequency to change the speed of the motor, also changed the pump pressure, music of different frequency by single-chip microcomputer to the control end of the frequency conversion motor, the motor speed with the tones of music, rhythm, and the strength change, pump pressure changes, spray water has a high and low change file, and is made up of several sets of equipment for the formation of the group to control fountain nozzle is the water pump.

musical fountain

Change the rhythm and strength of music into a control signal, which controls a voltage control device. After the power supply passes this voltage control device, the output voltage also changes with music and then controls the pump motor.

musical fountain

Musical fountain control system: software using physical waveform of music files, it can be divided into a number of passages, the accuracy of 10 milliseconds, and automatic identification, missing, lyrical, joy, excitement, sadness, joy, warm and so on basic emotional characteristics of music, is converted to a control signal, after dealing with the synchronous signal output by specific control unit output to the periphery, namely according to the rules of water type configuration control of submersible pump, solenoid valves, lights and underwater transducer and actuator, integrate the visual and auditory feeling.

musical fountain

When people feel all kinds of sound, will unconsciously put these auditory feeling and other than the feeling of the hearing organ, this phenomenon is called synesthesia, belongs to a kind of more heterogeneous a homomorphism corresponding phenomenon. In general, treble notes often bright and visual feeling, positive or happy modal feelings together, often in the bass notes and dark, depressed or sad moods feelings together; soothing rhythm makes people experience the emotion of the open space or calmer, and rapid rhythm is easy to let a person feel cramped, emotional turmoil and so on. The orchestration of the fountain songs according to a phenomenon of synaesthesia to configure various water type, is like a dance choreographer, in order to show success, directors need to consider the dancers in what body movements to express the emotional charm of music.

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